The Good Ol' Boys Again



I would like to comment on the recent article about "Defense offered by developer on water plan."

This is full of the good ol' boy thing. Here is a prime example quoted from the article. The laying of the water pipeline to Payson over Mr. Benjamin's property, "The position of the Benjamins is that we cannot cross that property," Horton stated, "we believe we can, so either we just do it and let the chips fall where they may, or there will be substantial litigation."

This joker is at the top of the list when it comes to being a Good Ol' Boy. This attitude has prevailed in this county for years, and still does. You just go ahead and do it and the officials (county and town) overlook it, or approve it after the fact.

It was stated that a well was drilled about 700-800 feet in Star Valley by the Horton group. The pipe was perforated at all levels. If the water is contaminated at the upper levels (which he said was used by the locals), then lower levels will also be contaminated. This would be the water that Mr. Horton intends to pipe to Payson. What happens when the residents of Star Valley deepen their wells to this lower level, which will happen in the near future? Again, Mr. Horton makes another dumb statement "that these residents are not using that water anyway." This situation in Star Valley really, really stinks.

Mr. Horton's own words speak for themselves, greed and green stuff, and to hell with the rest of us in Payson and Star Valley.

It appears that the town of Payson will go along with this clown in his misadventure -- too bad.

Ed Welge, Payson

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