What's Up?


Q: Country Kitchen on Highway 260 looks trashy with all of their signs. Does Payson have any laws about advertising outside of businesses?

A: Yes ... currently our enforcement system is such that we are not proactive, we are reactive. We don't have a staff to go out and hunt for these things, so what we do is handle them on a complaint basis. At this point we have not had any complaints about Country Kitchen.

Ray Erlandsen, Building and Zoning, town of Payson

Q: What is happening with the Christmas tree at Green Valley Park? It is dried out, looks like it is dying and needs some tender loving care.

A: "The tree in question is not the town-planted Christmas tree," said parks and recreation director Bill Schwind. It is the dead tree at lake two across from the park offices. The park's maintenance/tree planting schedule has several trees slated to be removed and replaced in the fall.

Q: What were all the police officers, wearing protective gloves, doing at Payson Regional Medical Center late in the afternoon, Aug. 2?

A: According to Payson Police Chief Gordon Gartner, the incident began earlier in the afternoon when Payson officers responded to an agency assist in Star Valley. There, PPD officers joined Gila County Sheriff's deputies in arresting a combative suspect. In the ensuing struggle, the suspect spit several times on a PPD officer. Wanting to protect themselves against any possible infections, the officers were treated at the hospital and were wearing the latex gloves as a precaution.

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