Bad Drivers Are The Hazard, Not Motorcycles



Paramedics work to help motorcyclist, John Giese, 52, of Phoenix, after he was struck by a pickup truck that had turned in front of him at Highway 87 and Forest Drive. The driver of the truck, V. Kay Kendall, 79, of Young, was cited for failure to yield. If uncontested, the violation carries a fine of about $106.


I read about the accident that was caused by a Mr. V. Kay Kendall when he failed to yield to a motorcyclist at the intersection of Highway 87 and Forest Drive. What really bothers me is the comment Mr. Kendall made when he said, "Those motorcycles are death machines."

Well Mr. Kendall, you and your truck are death machines and you should not be allowed to operate a motor vehicle.

I ride a motorcycle and bicycle andhe biggest hazards I face are people like you. Is a bicycle a death machine too? How about a pedestrian? I am very aware of those hazards and Iill only wear a red or yellow jersey and keep to the very right side of the pavement when riding a bicycle.

I find that the vast majority of the drivers in Payson are very courteous and they areilling to share the road.

I think that the "Mr. Kendalls" of the world who cause accidents because they didn't "see" should have their eyes examined and take a road test before they are licensed to operate a motor vehicle.

Wayne Donnay, Payson

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