Developers Drown Facts In Debate


Regarding the misinformation quoted from developer Michael Horton in the Tuesday, Aug. 2 edition of the Roundup

The developers say they are taking water we don't use. They say they will be using "the deep stuff." Horton says that where the "real water" is. Is our water make-believe? No, it is directly connected to the same water and well test have shown that there is in fact communication with numerous neighboring wells.


Chris Benjamin

Horton admits that his well has a perforated casing. Horton's well must be a magic well. Only a magic well with holes all the way up the casing could somehow mysteriously only pull water from the very bottom hole.

Horton says each time a house is built in the Diamond Star area; they put in a well with no regard for consequences. homeowner's well, which will generally produce about 15 gallons per minute, will run for approximately two hours per day. Do the math.

Fifteen gallons per minute (gpm) multiplied by 120 minutes equals 1,800 gallons per day (gpd). The developer's well pumps 450-plus gpm, which means a possible 648,000 gpd. Our water crisis won't come from a few hundred wells producing what it takes for only household use. But when you take what Horton's well can produce and multiply it by seven (they intend to connect a total of seven to their 12 pipelines) it equals more than 3,000 gpm which equates to more than 4.3 million gallons per day. They plan to extract more water in one week than the entire community of Diamond Star uses in an entire year. THIS IS THE CRISIS, NOT OUR CURRENT PUMPING PRACTICES!

We met with Mike Horton and Bruce Griffin in May of 2004 to discuss the fact there is no easement across our property.

We informed him that allowing him an easement would have a negative impact on our business and on our neighbors as well. Horton said he wanted to be a good neighbor and work this all out.e said he would be in touch. That was the last we ever heard from him. He went on to purchase the land in July of 2004.

To date they have neither a pipeline permit from the Arizona Department of Transportation or Gila County, nor an easement from us. Yet, he says he may just dig and let the chips fall where they may. He intends to sue us although we told him up front that there was no public utility easement. If that isn't arrogant, I don't know what is.

One last note: ayson has survived many economic ups and downs over the past 26 years that my family has lived here. It has always done just fine. It does not need Horton or his dirty development money to survive and prosper.

Chris Benjamin, Diamond Star Water Coalition

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