Don't Forget To Gloss Your Lip Service



This town has gone on for many, many years without really paying attention to its crumbling infrastructure, except for lip service.

Payson has operated so long without strongly addressing its real problem that it seems hopeless to the people. We are told by some of our leaders that we must take pride in our community. Where has all our leaders' pride been during the deterioration of our residential streets -- mostly on the east side of Highway 87. A reasonably nice road system would be quite attractive to prospective businesses.

Far too much concentration is, and has been, on economic development. Funds are constantly allocated to places like Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation and the chamber of commerce. This is taxpayer money that is needed elsewhere.

If a town spends money on incentives or subsidizes any part of a business attraction, it takes years to get any usable returns. It has recently been suggested by an economic development proponent that free land might attract business. This type of thinking must be put to rest by any of our elected or appointed officials if they are true representatives of the general public.

The feasibility studies that are so often being done seem ludicrous to many people who think good common sense, in house, would provide an answer without so much cost.

There are far too many behind-the-scenes meetings that the public doesn't hear about. If things are discussed, especially about plans for the future that are beneficial to the residents, why don't we hear about them? There are also intergovernmental meetings in other towns with Payson representatives there. Our reps should thoroughly examine any actions suggested by other towns that might not be good for us -- remember we are Payson -- not them. This same questioning process should be used by our councilors on information they receive, no matter what the source.

We now have what appears to be a very aggressive developer in town who is working on at least three developments in which he intends to use water from Star Valley. The legality of using this water seems to be in limbo, but the ethics of it doesn't. His plans for rezoning some of this property should be seriously challenged by our residents' complaints to the Planning and Zoning Commission and our councilors.

There is also a development, by another entity, on West Main Street, in a flood plain. This should never be allowed to happen, but will it?

It's time for changes folks.

Jack Jasper, Co-chairman, Citizens Awareness Committee

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