Drunk Driving Death Ruins More Than An Evening



It is too bad that Patricia Sheehan of Star Valley had her evening plans ruined by being stopped at the sobriety checkpoint on Highway 260, July 30, and that she was frightened by the whole experience.

On May 30, 1999 my family had their entire lives ruined, not just their evening.

My afternoon was ruined when my phone rang and a total stranger had to inform me that my brother had been killed and that I needed to get to the scene as soon as possible.

The rest of my day was ruined when I had to tellur Mother,ur sister, his children and the rest of our family that he had been killed in an accident that could have been totally avoidable. You see, he was hit by a drunk driver going 60 mph, while riding his bike, and losing control of the car.

In the days, weeks and months following, our days were ruined by having to make funeral arrangements,a funeral, a burial, court appearances, delays in court procedures, testimony from the coroner that would tear our hearts out, pictures that we could hardly look at, a bicycle that was mangled beyond recognition, the anxiety of waiting for a jury to return and then of course, the verdict which in this case, went in our favor.

Understandably, I am in 100 percent agreement with sobriety checkpoints. And if people are inconvenienced or have their evenings "ruined," I am sorry but trust me, having an evening "ruined" or being inconvenienced is far better than having your entire lives "ruined" by a drunk driver.

Marcia Daniels, Payson

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