Grateful For Sobriety Checkpoints



In my 40 years of driving, I have been stopped in three sobriety checkpoints and instead of being a frightening experience they were ones of exuberance. Just knowing that there are officers out there looking out for my safety makes me very happy.

I would ask which this mother would have preferred, to have driven up to the "glare of huge spots lights" to find out that it was "only a sobriety checkpoint" or to come upon the investigation of an accident in which her daughter had been killed by a drunk driver that could have been taken off the roads at a sobriety checkpoint?

I find it very difficult to understand how your excitement to see your boyfriend could be dashed by an event protecting your life. The only thing that enters my mind that would cause the dashing of excitement of a person by a sobriety checkpoint is they are a frequent DUI driver.

I remain confused with the attempted connection to President Bush. I don't believe he or any other previous president has ordered sobriety checkpoints.

And, finally I am glad to hear that the scare tactic worked, hopefully this will cause you never to drive under the influence.

Richard Rausch, Bloomington, Minn.

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