Letter Sets Poor Example For Youth



In regard to the letter written by Patricia Sheehan about the recent sobriety checkpoint, I am deeply disappointed by the poor example it sets.

Children look up to the elders in this community. Your words, choices, and actions affect us, whether you are willing to accept the fact or not. As an adult, you are also supposed to show maturity and responsibility.

Is it responsible to allow drunk drivers to put other locals' lives in jeopardy? No.

Is it mature to argue with the police because they are trying to make Payson a better and safer place to be? No.

I do not feel safe living in a town where people are opposed to the idea of sobriety checks. If you have done nothing wrong, why don't you simply cooperate with the police and be on your way?

As a 17-year-old, even I know the importance of keeping drunk drivers off the road. If you think people are not going to come to visit Payson because of the sobriety checks, you are seriously mistaken.

It disgusts me, the thought of living in a town where people are in favor of letting drunk drivers run the streets. As former Mayor Kenneth Murphy stated in the recent past, "...that having a task force to enforce drunk driving laws put a "damper" on the night life..." What kind of leader is that?

Some adults in this town show a lack of concern for the law, however, I believe the majority share my views. A number of innocent locals, including children, have been killed by drunk drivers. How do you think your comments affect their families in their time of grieving? If only that drunk driver had been stopped at a checkpoint they might still have their loved ones.

You indicated that the checkpoint and the police action were "frightening."

I guess that we don't share the same definition of frightened. To me, frightening would be that split second of clarity when you realize that you are being hit head on by another vehicle. Frightening is the thought that I might not see my family members again, or that they would have to grieve my death because someone got behind the wheel of a car after drinking.

Next time you complain about being inconvenienced by law officers doing their jobs, remember they are trying to assure your family's safety.

Samantha Elliott, Payson High School senior

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