Mi Casa, Su Casa



I wanted to commend you for running a story that makes a difference. The article on CASA workers that ran on Tuesday, Aug. 2 is accurate, well-written and helpful.

I am a former foster child who advocates for improvement to the foster care system in my state. It is my opinion that the best way to improve the foster care system is to enlighten the general public about it and tell them what is in their power to improve it. Carol La Valley's article has done that in an inspiring manner.

Though I would love to see more people become foster parents, not everyone is in a position to bring a child into their home. Many people, however, could spare a few hours a week to look out for a child in a vulnerable position. It really is that simple to help improve the foster care system and possibly save lives. It does notake a miracle or a ton of money or a master's degree. Any caringdult with a little time and willingness to listen can become a CASA. The program already exists in a number of states.

Thank you forerving your community and the foster care system byunning such a valuable piece of civic journalism. I wishore publications ran articles like this one.

Jackie Hammers-Crowell, Iowa City, Iowa

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