No Quit In This Rim Country Angler


Julie Wantland's angling quest was to allow no one to question her ability to successfully land a 9.5-foot, 140-pound striped marlin.

"If someone else would have touched the pole I couldn't say (the marlin) was mine," she said. "So, no one (touched the pole)."


Julie Wantland's big marlin towers above her on the dock in Cabo San Lucas. She caught the fish earlier this summer during her family's annual visit to the Pacific coast city. Husband, Jeff (left), also landed a marlin during the outing.

The battle to boat the lunker -- caught on 50-pound test line in the Pacific about 25 miles east of Cabo San Lucas -- went on for about 45 minutes.

"I was exhausted, I wasn't sure I could ever bring him in," she said.

During the mid-July outing to Mexico, Wantland was angling with her husband, Jeff aboard the charter fishing boat Dorado III.

Wantland remembers deep-sea fishing for marlin being much like hunting in that the fish must be spotted and then pursued.

"The captain was up top looking for them," she said. "Once he saw the marlin we threw in our lures and I was able to hook him."

Jeff also landed a Marlin, but because it was smaller, about 5.5 feet, the Wantlands decided to return him to the ocean.

Julie's catch has yielded more than a few lip-smacking meals for family and friends.

"Marlin is a delicious fish, we really enjoy it," she said.

Although the Wantlands travel to Cabo San Lucas once a year for fishing outings, the marlin was the first Julie has caught.

"I had a pretty big Dorado once, but never a marlin," she said. "I can't wait to go back and try again. Cabo is such an awesome place."

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