Youngster Donates Lemonade Stand Proceeds To Food Bank



Frankie "Chico" Mendoza, 6, raised $22.15 last month to buy peanut butter for the St. Vincents de Paul Society food bank. "Any time he sees a need he wants to raise money for it," said his mother, Debbie Mendoza.

For most children, peanut butter is just a snack food or sandwich ingredient. But Frankie "Chico" Mendoza, 6, sees it as a way to help needy Rim Country families.

Frankie donated $22.15 worth of peanut butter to the St. Vincents de Paul Society with money he earned from a lemonade stand.

He came up with the idea after overhearing his family talk about the peanut butter that went into the food boxes they assembled.

"Any time he sees a need, he wants to raise money for it," said Debbie Mendoza of Frankie, the youngest of 11 children. Mendoza said she's not sure where her son picked up his charitable inclinations, but the family's active involvement in their church could be a clue.

Frankie said he "just thought it was a good idea" to try and help needy families in the Rim Country, and that it feels good to know the money he raised is going to give someone a good meal.

For information on making donations or volunteering for St. Vincents, call (928) 474-9104.

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