Common Sense Says Culvert Is Problem



We, the people, already know that Payson has one of the worst drainage problems in the state.

Every year as the monsoons come rolling in, it's the same old story -- streets fill with water and granite. The street department does the best it can to clean up the mess.

The problem is the so-called town engineers -- or town jesters. Every time our home gets flooded out, and the yard washed away, we call them. They come out, look at the problem, do their jig, and say it will be taken care of.

Guess what? Nada.

This drainage problem does not have to exist. With a little common sense, one can see where the problem is. They have shown time after time that the problem is of no concern to them. Twenty-five years ago the town put in a 24-inch culvert at the end of a drainage ditch. That was great.

And then along came Elk Ridge with all the blacktops, sidewalks, and nowhere for the water to go, except down to this drainage ditch into the 24-inch culvert, and presto -- flooding, massive water backup.

They can't understand the problem because they don't want to come out of their nice, dry offices. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the plumbing is obsolete, as are some town employees.

For the wages being given, we should have some topnotch personnel -- not jesters. All these so-called engineers can have all the degrees in the world, but without some good old God-given common sense, they ain't jack.

If the town would like to challenge me on this issue, they know where I live.

Dave Conway, Payson

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