Drunken Drivers Frightening



I read in disbelief the letter written regarding the sobriety checkpoint titled "a frightening experience." Since the writer does not know the meaning of "sheer terror" I would like to enlighten her:

Sheer terror is landing in a ditch upside down in your car and wondering whether you and your family will be able to get out alive.

Sheer terror is seeing your mother cut from your car and wondering if she is alive or dead.

Sheer terror is seeing your sister covered in blood and hearing her being air-lifted to a hospital for head trauma.

So sorry your evening was ruined by the checkpoint ... but my family's evenings and days were ruined for months and even years by a drunk driver. Scars remain to this day.

God bless and thank-you to the police officers who oversee the sobriety checkpoints. We will never know how many lives have been saved due to their actions.

Julie Struble, Payson

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