Elks, Roundabouts, Main Street, Oh My



The elk statue seems like a worthwhile endeavor. Why not put it at the south entrance into town? The council always wanted to have a more esthetic, or dramatic, entrance on the south. The elk statue with a few boulders and small trees could be placed in the flat open area median as you make the curve into town. If people in cars rubber neck, or stop to take a picture, they could move it to the small bluff just a little south of the flat open area. Then you might only get hunters trying to shoot it, in season of course.

You could also place it next to our new south entrance sign for full visibility.

The idea of having a gathering at the historical park on Main Street and McLane Road is a good idea. The park is just collecting dust. Where can a person park for this and other events in the area? Good question you ask. It might be wise for the town to buy up the Pine Hotel property, as it has good parking area potential.

I should bite my tongue for suggesting a purchase such as this when I believe monies should be allocated for infrastructures such as streets. This parking area could compliment the future parking on Westerly Road for events on Main Street. Access would be from north and south McLane Road. The Pine Hotel must have a use of some kind along with the old jail in the vicinity. Isn't the Pine Hotel a possible historic register?

Tim Fruth's idea of a roundabout at the casino, event center, sounds like a good idea. How many times has a person started out of town, ready to do 65 mph, and have to stop at the casino light for someone coming out of the casino and making a right turn from the right turn lane. Those lights are not set right. During events at the event center, which could increase with the hospitality support groups addition, they could use a combination use of traffic lights, as George Barriger has suggested.

Last, but not least, is the approval of the configuration of the Payson Baptist Church north of town. Doesn't planning and zoning have some say on the layout of the property? Would it not have been better to put the parking in the back with the church more to the front? Also, I think it would be a good idea for a 10-foot strip of natural growth left adjacent to the right of way. If we do not have an ordinance requiring such a strip of land, it would definitely go along with the new design and review ordinance of Bob Gould.

Ernie Schmidt, Payson

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