Monsoon Rains Fall On Christopher Creek



When it rains it pours, and Christopher Creek has had its share of torrential downpours. I think every day for the past two weeks we've received rain. The creeks and streams are flowing pretty well with no flooding to report. This year, I planted lots of flowers that like the sun because the weather is normally quite warm. But instead of sun, the flowers are getting way more water than they want, and I am not sure if they will ever bloom again. It's starting to feel like back East with all the humidity. And how about our hair ladies? I wonder if anyone else is having the frizzies. I look like someone gave me a bad permanent.

Everyone has a different way of telling the weather, but some folks in Serpent River have topped it all.

Up-to-the-minute weather reports prepared by Serpent River. They have a rock hanging from a rope and next to it is a sign that reads.

If the rock is wet -- it's raining

If the rock is swaying -- it's windy

If the rock is Hot -- it's sunny

If the rock is cool -- it's overcast

If the rock is white -- it's snowing

If the rock is blue -- it's cold

If the rock is gone -- tornado

I think they could be on to something.

I took my daughter to the bus stop Tuesday about 6:40 a.m. As we were going down Hunter Creek Drive there were four very large bull elk standing in front of us. What a magnificent sight that was.

Sandy Kalmar e-mailed me about what to do if you get skunked. Kevin Mystrom, owner of the Landmark, had an altercation with one last week. She said wash with Dawn dish soap and then spray with Fabreeze. She tried this on her cocker spaniel, and said if it worked on her dog, with all that hair, it should work on a person.

The Firebelles will be holding a silent auction from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sept. 3 in Tonto Village. If you would like to donate something, please contact Sandy Kalmar at (928) 478-4774.

They will also have an Ice Cream Social Sept. 4 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Christopher Creek Fire Station. All proceeds will go to the EMS Scholarship Fund.

Known since its inception in 1884 as "August Doin's," the World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo is a world famous event that will celebrate its 121st consecutive year next week Aug. 19, 20 and 21. Don't miss out on the happenings. Still held the third week in August, the country's Best Small Rodeo (according to the Professional Rodeo Cowboy's Association which sanctions the event) attracts the best from all over the world to compete for substantial prize money. The long weekend includes an old-fashion parade and incorporates several days of gala "wild west" events. Check out the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce for more information.

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