Mother Of Dui Fatality Speaks Out



After reading some of the articles and letters to the editor in your paper, and giving it some thought, I'd like to put my two cents in about sobriety checkpoints.

I agree with the people who are for them and wish they had them here in Ohio.

Most of you have read about theush and Beeline accident that occurred July 24, 2005.

My 13-year-old son, William R. Goddard, and my 12-year-old daughter, Alexandrea "K" Goddard, were both involved in that accident.

While checkpoints may be "frightening" or "ruins your family's evening plans," they provide a great service by trying to keep drunk and reckless drivers off the road, like Rigoberto Arrazola.

Three innocent people died that night and two more were injured -- both emotionally and physically -- because a drunk driver was on the road.

Talk about a "ruined evening" or how "frightening" it was at a checkpoint -- what a living nightmare it must of been for the children -- the two who died and the one who survived.

What a ruined summer visit to their noncustodial parents. What an ongoing nightmare it is for the two who did survive and all of our families. What a horrible nightmare to have had to bury my 13-year-old son, who was so loving, bright and energetic.

His sister, family and friends who had to bear the grief of seeing him in a coffin instead of in school this best friend (and little girlfriend) whose broken heart touched all who attended the viewing.he list could go on.

So, while checkpoints can be frightening and time consuming -- ruining evening plans -- please ponder how much more intense those feelings would be should you lose a loved one to a drunken driver.

Along with checkpoints, maybe they should pass stricter laws to keep repeat offenders off the road and keep more families together so they won't have to go through this kind of grief.

My warmest thoughts and sincerest prayers are with all who've lost loved ones due to drunk and/or reckless drivers.

Laura Goddard, Ohio

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