Sobriety Checkpoints Violate Presumption Of Innocence



The point behind Patricia Sheehan's letter is that we, as a nation, increasingly allow our elected officials and their police forces to control our lives and violate the basic freedoms upon which this country was founded -- all because we cower at the actions of a miniscule minority, whether they be terrorists or drivers under the influence.

At what point do we simply say, "Life involves risks. You cannot legislate or police safety. You cannot live in fear. Let's get on with it."

How soon we have forgotten the lessons of Nazi Germany en route to becoming a nation of simpering cowards. Sobriety checkpoints violate the basic premise that we are innocent until proven guilty, regardless of what the ultra-conservative Supreme Court has ruled.

If our founding fathers were as fearful in the face of British authority as we are of protecting our precious freedoms, we would still be colonists.

Linda Carpenter, The Valley

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