Wait In Iraq ... For What?



The Bush/McCain/Rumsfeld/Renzi team seemso want us Americans to wait for Iraq to pass milestones of constitution, more elections and so on before our troops can come home. Will the in-fighting among the ethnic groups stop because some parliament sayshey now have a 20-page document? don't think so. Will the minorities stop assassinating opposing leaders because they are "elected" officials?I don't think so. If 138,000 well-trained andquipped U.S. troops can't control the security, will a "draw down" of 10,000 here or there to improve poll numbers in the U.S. improve the peace there? I don't think so.

If some Republicans agree with this thinking, please contact the ones you put in office. We Democrats would be accused of partisan politics.

The media calls Bush's stand"defiance" ... but I think he's in "denial" of the reality that the Iraqi civilians don't want us to occupy their country, or destroy it to save it.
In the Vietnam War the leaders told us our pullout would cause a bloodbath. Did it?

A lot of American blood (and Iraqi blood) is being lostow as this attempt to control Iraq continues on and on. Parents of one of the Ohio Marines recently killed are quoted in www.truthout.org:

"... not long after Marines broke the grim news to Paul Schroeder and Rosemary Palmer -- parents of Edward August Schroeder II, one of the 14 Marines killed Wednesday -- the couple unleashed misgivings they had ever since their son joined the Marines.

"‘I didn't want him to be there,' said Palmer, who sobbed when she heard of his enlistment. ‘I didn't want him to be any part of it.'

"Their son, always the team player, once told them, ‘There is no time for individualism or dissent in the desert.'

"But Paul Schroeder -- who blamed the death of his son on President Bush -- believed it was precisely the time for dissent on the home-front.

"‘We are not taking anything away from the troops on the field, but at some point we have to say enough is enough,' he said.‘Otherwise, my son will become just a memory.'"

Will our troops still be dying there next Memorial Day? It all depends on you Republicans.

Ed Blair, Payson

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