Don't Believe Everything You See On Tv



Just thought I would respond to the letter to the editor from Mr. Larry J. Kluth of Mesa. In his letter Mr. Kluth said, "We have astronomical evidence to support the big bang and DNA evidence to prove evolution."

Perhaps this gentleman has been watching too much PBS all the while blindly accepting the hypotheticals that are presented there. With a small amount of research, one can find that even the scientific community is divided regarding whether DNA studies prove or even disprove GTE (General Theory of Evolution).

The claim that DNA code is universal has been known to have, yet to be explained, exceptions. An example is "paramecium, where a few of the 64 codons code for different amino acids. More examples are being found every day." (National Institutes of Health --

Even the evolutionist-leaning Discovery Institute has pointed out this clear error, Sept. 10, 2001 press release, "PBS charged with ‘False Claim' on ‘Universal Genetic Code." There is much more, but I won't belabor the point.

Suffice it to say that Mr. Kluth should verify his "proof" via much more personal research than simply parroting something he saw on TV or something he may have heard. The Internet is a wonderful avenue into the realms of here-to-fore "mysteries" of the established scientific community. Avail yourselves of it, and arrive at your own personal "origins" philosophy, I have and it gives me great comfort.

Ronald Hamric, Pine

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