Shame On All Of You



Shame! Shame! Shame! -- on Developer G. Michael Horton's Terra Capital Group of Scottsdale.

Developers don't see the beauty in land that's untouched. They prefer it covered in buildings, concrete or blacktop. Shame!

This pristine valley at the end of Phoenix Street would be better served as a reservoir for the entire town's benefit -- not the builder's.

Build more streets? They can't maintain the streets that already exist. There are countless streets that need repair. Shame on you for misusing our tax dollars.

Shame on city department heads for running over the mayor just because she's a woman, and they have been on the job longer than she has. Stop taking things into your own hands. We know who you are.

Shame on the Roundup for not reporting on meetings held about this project. Nor should they discriminate on which of the comments they choose to print. Where's free speech? Where's the fairness in not printing both sides?

Shame on the city telling us to conserve water when they have enough to build 54 more tract houses. Who do we call when we run out of water -- the builders?? Let's face it, these are not the only buildings going up in town. Do we really have enough water for all?

Shame on trying to get Star Valley and Diamond Point water. They need to take care of their own people. Shame on the city council for putting up with these kinds of tactics. Shame to those who want to put the elk, deer, wild turkeys and countless wildlife out of their area. Shame on the mayor for not being stronger with these men who think they run things. Some of them are taking payola (money under the table) to push these projects through for builders from the valley. Follow the money. Shame -- this is obvious greed from dishonest department heads and weak politicians. Another "Good Ol' Boy" network is upon us -- beware.

Someone needs to investigate these people, they don't even live here and are just lining their pockets. Shame on the people here in Payson for not keeping an eye on these scalawags.

Stop this project now.

D. Schultz, Payson

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