Engineering Firm Invested In Property



This is in response to the article posted in the Aug. 16, 2005, Payson Roundup on page 7A. "Payson nominated for five Main Street awards." Apparently the reporter (Jim Keyworth) didn't do thorough enough interviews to find the truth about the historical Chilson house located at 501 W. Main St. I am one of the previous owners of the engineering firm mentioned and would like to clarify some inaccurate statements in his article.

I was one of the partners that owned the property from 1999 thru 2002. We purchased the property in its run-down condition. Over the years the engineering firm -- by means of obtaining a Main Street Redevelopment Grant and money of our own -- did all of the following improvements:

  • Added paved parking stalls at the street frontage
  • Added decorative meandering concrete walks
  • Landscaped the entire site
  • Installed drip irrigation system
  • Installed two-track historical looking driveway along the side of the building
  • Cleared weeds and grass from back lot and installed decomposed granite parking area
  • Repainted interior with matching historical colors and theme.

Great care was taken to keep the building's authenticity while doing all of these improvements. I am pleased to hear this property is nominated for an award after all the hard work put in by the engineering firm. Although, I am offended that Jim Keyworth made it sound as if we neglected this beautiful historical property.

Dave Dirren, Payson

Editor's note: The Main Street award nomination includes before and after photos and notes "previous front yard used as customer and employee parking" and "previous backyard was over-run with weeds."

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