Hometown Girls Compete In Women's Rodeo


Hats blew off while feet flew out of stirrups during the August Doin's opener as cowgirls -- some world champions -- competed in the Women's Professional Rodeo Thursday evening.

Calves were caught in tie-down, breakaway and team roping -- divisional tour barrel racing and 4D barrel racing events wrapped up the evening.


Hometown competitors Jackie Dawes and Chancy Brown, who've teamed up only twice before, won against more seasoned teams in the team roping showdown.

"We're good buddies from high school," Dawes said.

"It was a last minute thing that we partnered up," Brown added. "We had faith in each other so that's why we won."

In other events, Jolee Lauteret rounded the barrels in 17.66 seconds, earning first place and a purse of $332.64.

"Go go go!" yelled the audience as riders maneuvered their horses around tight turns during barrel racing competition. Horse and rider pick up speed as they race for the finish.

Glory Douglas took the tie-down roping title with a time of 21.2.

Megan Wilkerson, Teri James and Dani Meador tied for first place in the breakaway roping event.

Families and friends turned out to donate canned food in lieu of an admission charge.

"Without the Payson rodeo committee and the community we wouldn't have this," said Nancy Jane Hunter, a women's rodeo cosponsor.

Women's results

WPRA Tie Down Roping

21.2 $172.80 Glory Douglas

21.8 129.60 Kim Williamson

29.9 86.40 Leigh Ann Billingsley

WPRA Breakaway

2.9 $360 Teri James

2.9 $360 Dani Meador

2.9 $360 Megan Wilkerson

3.2 $120 Sarah Kiecknefer

WPRA Team Roping

10 Jackie Dawes & Chancy Brown $459.39

11.2 Kathee Martin & Shelly Howell $380.16

13.2 Teri James & Dani Meador $300.96

14.3 Beth Wilkerson & Lindsey Hughes $221.76

14.7 Jolee Lautaret & Dolli Lautaret $142.56

15.2 Susan Cooper & Lynn Kimble $79.20

WPRA Barrell Racing "Divisionsal Tour"

17.66 Jolee Lautaret $332.64

17.69 Brooke Lee $285.12

17.77 Haley Gapp $237.60

17.85 Marissa Simpson $205.92

17.88 Renee Gossett $158.40

17.92 Sarah Kieckhefer $126.76

17.98 Mary Ann Miller $95.04

18.16 Lee Ann Billingsly $63.36

18.18 Carla Doty $39.60

18.18 Kathee Martin $39.60

4D Barrell Racing (a pro-am event)


17.66 Jolee Lautaret $165

17.69 Brooke Lee $99

17.77 Haley Gap $66


18.16 Lee Ann Billingsly $165

18.18 Carla Doty $99

18.25 Dolli Lautaret $66


18.66 Shawn Stirling-Schuck $110

18.71 Jo Viss $66

18.83 Eileen Gerherty $44


19.68 Sky McNealy $110

19.69 Teri Jones $66

19.84 Onie Ziegler $44

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