Kluth Should Get Facts Straight



Your letter about the lack of world peace implies that the core of the problem is the gap between religion and science. Not entirely. If you remove religion from the debate, you are still left with the fact that more and more nonreligious scientists are abandoning evolution in favor of Intelligent Design. Why?

Certainly the plethora of evidence disproving evolutionary theory abounds: The fossil record reveals human remains below dinosaur remains; Carbon 14 (half life less than 50,000 years) is present in "prehistoric" strata layers; earth's steadily declining magnetic field points to a universe less than 10,000 years old; and The Law of Biogenesis (life cannot evolve from nonlife) has never been violated.

Yet, the main reason science is abandoning the theory is simple -- not one verifiable example of Darwinian macro-evolution, an example that has stood the test of scrutiny, has ever been found. From Piltdown man to Archaeopteryx, these "inter-species specimens" have all been proven fraudulent hoaxes. Even Lucy was proven to be an ape, whose knuckles dragged on the ground.

Note: Please do not confuse micro-adaptations within species, (e.g., finches "evolving" stronger beaks to cope with changing environments) with Darwinian Macro-evolution. Micro-adaptations, sometimes called "Micro-evolution," are very real. But the species barrier, the hinge pin of Darwin's theory, cannot and has never been broken. Period. Darwin himself said that if millions of intermediary forms were not present in the strata layers then his theory was incorrect.

As for your assertion that global acceptance of evolutionary and Big Bang theory would lead to peace, please consider what history has shown. Hitler's Master Race platform was based on the premise of evolution and natural selection, his justification for murdering 12 million people. Karl Marx, whose theory led to the death to tens of millions of Russians, tried to dedicate his book to Darwin. Communist Mao Tse-Tung, murderer of 60 million people in China, listed Darwin as his favorite author.

Here in America, one of every six persons is missing. Why? Because 46 million babies have been killed in the name of evolutionary theory (1.3 billion worldwide), under the justification that they are simply mere embryos passing through evolutionary stages inside their mothers' wombs on their way to becoming humans (See Recapitulation Theory).

This murderous "peace" we have attained the past century is the result of people choosing to believe we evolved from a rock and then a monkey, rather than the truth that all humans are created in the image of God and precious in His sight.

Valeri Marsh, Payson

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