Thanks For Loving Support From Payson Friends, Neighbors



I'm writing to thank each and every one of you who showed your love and support in a million different ways, from fund-raising to cards, letters, phone calls, visits and, most importantly, your prayers. Payson is a magical place, not just for the scenery, outdoor activities and beautiful weather; it's a magical place because of the people who live here.

When I first found out I had two different kinds of leukemia, my family, friends and entire community gathered forces and went to battle to help me win this fight. Strangers I had never met extended their hand and opened their wallets. They also offered their prayers and friendship. Some people adopted my cat and dogs, some made a prayer blanket, some threw bake and garage sales, some organized a benefit concert, but everyone helped in their own special way. I have lived in many places in this world, but I have never lived in a place where the community is literally a community of loving generous and concerned individuals who not only went to bat for me but go to bat every day for different causes in our town that help us all enjoy a better life. We are the rodeo capital of the world but, in my opinion, we are the best community in the world.

All my thanks, love and friendship,

Amy von Somogyi, Payson
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