Town Council Should Get Priorities Straight



I completely agree with D. Schultz's letter. Why should G. Michael Horton be allowed to get away with building more streets for a project of his that has not even been approved by the town, much less the required zoning changes. The last project that was approved by the town with the current zoning was that Phoenix Street was to terminate as a cul-de-sac with 13 new lots. Now suddenly we have a 54-lot sub-division going in that area complete with, what appears to be, a significant amount of new roads and not one public hearing to date to approve of this.

It sure seems like the town pandering to the developers again.

It's just plain sad that our town council continues to put increased development ahead of our existing constraints -- water, traffic, schools, sewer services, etc. -- much less our peaceful lifestyle here in Payson.

It seems like the "Bus Stop" fiasco all over again.

Elizabeth Keddington, Payson

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