Writer Agrees Everyone Has Right To Be Different



In regard to Larry Kluth's letter on Aug. 12 (the right to be different), the only fact Kluth seemed to get right was that we all have "The right to be different."

Kluth, there is no evidence to substantiate evolution, because evolution is a theory, not a science. Science deals with observational and experimental evidences. Have the evolutionists ever observed evolutionary change? Has anyone in human recorded history ever observed true speciation taking place? Scientists can speculate all they want about the past and the future, but they can only observe the present.

Evolution cannot be explained through fossils, because fossils show no evidence of evolution. Fossils should show a continuous transformation from one kind of species to another kind of species. But, no such fossil has ever been found. Why is that so? Because science has proven that RNA and DNA at the species level locks out transmutation. One form of species cannot change into another form of species.

So, my question to Kluth, and to all evolutionists, is: If evolutionary transformism is the basic law of nature, and since we all share the same ancestral gene pool, why are we not seeing cats turning into dogs and dogs turning into sheep? The answer is very simple. The differences in anatomy and DNA can only be explained by creation from our loving God, not by evolution.

You see, the theory of evolution tries to explain the development of all things without the divine intervention of God. With this, God is excluded in the most critical point of their theory. Taking all of this into account, evolution is just wishful thinking, not a science.

And, as for a loving God, how is this for love? The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob loved us all so much that he allowed his one and only son to suffer a cruel death so that all of us can share in His eternal glory ... even evolutionists.

David Wait, Payson

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