Driving Is A Privilege



I am the letter writer who wrote "Sorry lady I don't feel sorry for you" that was mentioned in your opinion column. I still don't feel sorry for her because:

1. After 20 years in law enforcement, I have seen too much death and destruction as a result ofdiots trying to operate a vehicle while drunk.

2. Driving a vehicle is not a right under the Constitution, it is a privilege that can be taken away at any time. We are not talking about individual rights here, we are talking about the safety of innocent people.

3. Yes, I know it is frightening and overwhelming, but unfortunately a checkpoint must be conducted that way for the safety of the officers involved. Drunken drivers will mow you down, so lighting up the scene is a necessity. We learn unfortunately from other officers' mistakes.

4. It should not ruin your night. It is a fact of life that we learn to live with just like airport security and fear of terrorism. It is the world today. Seeing a fatal accident, that's a real bummer of a night. Seeing decapitation of a 17-year-old will make me have nightmares for a week and seek the help of a debriefer.

Thank God someone is out there watching and protecting the innocent driver from the scum of the earth who think they can drive better while drunk. Keep up the good work, my fellow law enforcement heroes.

Det. John Girolamo, Ossining, N.Y.

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