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Q: "At the end of Phoenix Street, where it is supposed to be a cul-de-sac. A community or a property is going in called Forest Ridge (being developed) by a man named (Michael) Horton. There have been no zoning changes, no public hearings or anything regarding that. I am wondering why this town is allowing him to do what he's doing when there's been no meetings ... at least that the public is aware of."

A: The development is Forest Edge not Forest Ridge. More than 60 people turned out in mid-July for an informational meeting on Forest Edge and two other properties that Horton is developing. Reference the July 27, 2005, article "Neighbors Question Proposed Subdivision" by Jim Keyworth. It can be viewed online at www.paysonroundup.com/section/localnews/story/ 19895.

"Forest Ridge is on Mud Springs just north of Frontier on the west side," said Mike Horton. Forest Ridge is almost completed.

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