Children Deserve Better Treatment



My son, Dallas, attended Rim Country Middle School and was supposed to graduate May 26, 2005. We received all the notices about what he was supposed to do and wear. He even attended graduation practice. But the night of graduation, the former principal of the school pulled him out of the lineup and said he could not walk or receive his diploma because his paperwork was not in order.

Many friends and relatives came to watch his graduation and were disappointed. This was no way to treat a child.

Since May, I have straightened all this out and Dallas received his diploma. But I know of at least two other students who were also pulled from the graduation lineup that night -- one because he owed a small fine. My concern is for these students because they did not get to walk at graduation or receive their diplomas.

I encourage their guardians to contact the Payson School District's administrative offices to find out how to get their child's diploma.

Ruth Mitchell, Star Valley

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