Community Is About Helping Each Other



Just as we know it. A good part of society complains about the drug problem in this small town of Payson. We believe that the judicial system should be looked at from our point of view.

Society looks down on substance abusers and drug addicts. Why judge? Who has that right to judge anyone? It is a growing concern in this growing community. Users are quickly classified as losers and looked down upon. However, this is not always the case. People often fail to consider, or try to understand, why this actually happens or where the problem originated. In any case, honestly, some users are lifers and won't quit until they are dead. And yet, in some instances offenders have turned their life around just to find themselves labeled again. We can't get jobs or even support ourselves because we are still being labeled -- even though we have changed. We believe more people should be more concerned that we are all human even though we have different problems. We could tell you from experience that not all users are beyond help. We made mistakes and need community support to face our ups and downs, and we would support yours. After all, isn't that what a community is all about?

Rita Regalado, Payson

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