Money Could Be Spent On More Worthy Causes



The good ol' boys are at it again. The situation in Star Valley is getting worse every day. The Good Ol' Boys are creeping out of the woodwork to get their share of $1 million (loot) at the expense of taxpayers. The town officials have already given themselves huge raises, especially for a town of this size. I guess they want to extend their good fortune to all the other good ol' boys who support them.

It appears that we have elected a bunch of jokers for our city council. It's apparent there are others who are directing the bunch of mindless, gutless robots. If they approve this fraud, then we, as citizens of Payson, should recall all of those who approved this fraud. We all need to attend this next meeting. That is our $1 million these jokers want to give away -- that would go a long way to some needy city projects, especially streets.

Maybe an investigation by state officials is in order.

Ed Welge, Payson

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