Neighbor Seeks Peace And Quiet



I hate to be thought of as an old and crotchety type. I'm really not. But I have a pet peeve and would like some space to air it. I live in the Country Club Vista area, and it seems that for the past few weeks, youngsters have been riding their motorized go-karts and scooters up and down my street. This is usually happening in the early evenings and on weekends. I see the smiles on these youngsters faces as they whip by my house and I can certainly appreciate their need for fun. And when I see a boy with a helmet on his scooter, I imagine the concern for his protection and the values that his parents have probably instilled in his character. Yet I cannot help but wonder why those same parents cannot respect their neighbor's need for peace and quiet after work and on weekends after a hard work week. So I ask the parents and the youngsters who are old enough to drive, please be considerate of your neighbors and take these activities out of the neighborhood. What about the parks, or trails, folks? Thanks for reading.

Donna Steckal, Payson

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