No Attempt To Sell Water Ever Made



In March 2004 I met with Buzz Walker to discuss the pump testing being performed by a developer on a property, which was for sale, adjacent to my home and business. I explained that while the pump testing was being performed, the static level of my well was dropping significantly. Walker then stated, "Your well is communicating with the neighboring well and, therefore, the town of Payson would not be interested in the developer's well."

I thought that was great, and went about my business. Approximately one month later I noticed the developer was drilling another well on that same property. As a result, I again met with Walker. He stated, "I don't know what the guy is up to."

At this point I started asking a lot of questions of Walker, such as: "How could I go about selling water to the town of Payson?" I wanted to know how one goes about that, so I could determine how best to stop the developer from de-watering Star Valley. I also asked, "How would you get a pipeline in" and "What is an ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit)?" Walker replied, "If you want to sell your water to the town, you'll have to write up a proposal and bring it to the town." He would not answer other questions.

I wanted to understand what my family and neighbors were up against, but at no time did I ever submit any proposal to the town to sell my water. Additionally, the reason I will not allow Horton's proposed pipeline easement across my property is to stop him from selling my water too.

So in response to Bruce Griffin, I have never tried to sell my water. If I sold my water, my business and my home would be nearly worthless. Griffin and Horton are business associates, according to the corporation commission. Just thought it might be good to note that.

Chris Benjamin, Star Valley

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