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Fall is a great time to get involved in new activities. There are wonderful volunteer opportunities available in Pine/Strawberry. Whether it be flipping pancakes or checking people in at the blood drives, check out this column for a list of volunteer needs. If your group or organization is welcoming new members or volunteers, e-mail or fax the information to me at the address below. Give me details about who, what, when you meet, where, and a contact person and phone number. Watch for new notices in the weeks ahead. You are needed.

There will be a pancake breakfast before the Arts and Craft Festival on the Labor Day Weekend. Certainly everyone missed this breakfast over the fourth of July. Kiwanis has been serving this breakfast for many years and they did a terrific job. The proceeds helped students in our school with books and scholarships as well as other community projects. They deserve a huge thank you for many years of hard work and dedication.


Dorothy Keller loves living in Strawberry and wants to stay in her own home. She wears the Guardian Angel Pendant around her neck 24-hours a day. "It gives me a feeling of security," she said. Working on her quilt in the garage where there is no phone line, Dorothy is happy to have her pendant handy.

The reins for the pancake breakfast have been turned over to the Pine-Strawberry Fire Fighters Association. Strawberry's Elite is partnering with the fire department for this huge project. All proceeds will go toward helping people in our communities. Please call the Pine Strawberry Fire Department if you would like to help.

One of the projects that will benefit from the pancake breakfast is the Guardian Angel Pendant Program. The P/S Fire Fighters Association sponsors this program. The pendant is worn around the neck of a person who lives alone or has medical problems where emergency help might be needed. Strawberry's Elite is providing some funds to help purchase pendants for those on limited budgets. There are five people waiting for pendants right now. Especially with winter just ahead, when there are fewer neighbors around, our seniors need a way to make a contact if they should fall or otherwise need help. If you or your organization would like to sponsor a pendant, call the fire department at (928) 476-4272.

United Blood Services has an urgent need for a coordinator for the Pine/Strawberry blood drive. The longtime coordinator has had to step down for health reasons. This blood drive happens four times a year, with the next one scheduled for October. Is there a group in Pine/Strawberry that would be willing to take on this worthwhile project? Most of the work is done by United Blood Services. If you want more information, please call Daryl Collier at (800) 288-2199, extension 5427, or call (928) 607-1242. This would be a great activity for a local group or individual. Do give it some thought and call Daryl with any questions.

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