Priorities Not Aligned With Payson's Needs



It has come to my attention recently that Eastern Arizona College, which has taken over our community college, "has withdrawn from participation in" the Federally Insured Student Loan Program. (See This means that students without the necessary funds cannot get low-interest federally insured student loans for their college education. Meanwhile, EAC is offering "free" tuition to seniors while recovering the cost by charging the taxpayers of Gila County for their tuition, plus 25 percent "overhead."

It certainly appears that priorities are way off the mark here. A college, first and foremost, is supposed to provide education, not a free gym for seniors. This situation is not benevolence for seniors; it is a way that EAC gains "head count" to receive more state funds. It is easier to maintain a "wellness center" than provide real education to students.

Citizens of Gila County, we are failing our young people. Wake up and smell the coffee, and join the fight to take back our college.

Christine Tilley, Payson

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