Reader Asks, ‘What Water Shortage?'



There is no looming shortage of water, here, elsewhere in the arid West, or for that matter, anywhere -- rather, there is simply a prevailing or looming shortage of cheap, throw-away water.One can always obtain any amount of water for which he is willing to pay the cost of production and transportation.

If the water rates here in Payson for new- and recent-comers (that is, new and recent developments) were to be adjusted to the level required to finance the supply of the new water required (which could be quite a lot), the demand for new water and for new developments will quickly adjust itself to the reality existing at the time -- and so will water technology. New water will gradually become cheaper.

The last I heard, this sort of economic relationship was called "The Law of Supply and Demand," a venerable old concept being totally ignored by our water politicos, developer types and apparently by many of those who call themselves conservatives.

It is the only equitable way to control (not stop) growth here or anywhere else in the relatively dry West.

It is a process of gradual adjustment and accommodation rather than one based on a never-ending series of crises usually marked by a lot of money-motivated political bullying as in the present instance.

Just what part of the "Law" is not being grasped out there?

Allen N. Wollscheidt, Payson

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