Think Long, Hard About Weapons



This will be my last letter with reference to the murder of my friend Grant Kuenzli.

I must respectfully respond to Mr. Ned Weatherby's letter of Aug. 16. I agree Dave Engleman's opinion of Grant's state of mind was way off base. No one knows what was on Grant's mind.

An unarmed man rushing to disarm a man armed with a 10mm cannon would have to be insane. Grant Kuenzli was not insane.

For some reason dogs do not like uniforms. Ask the U.S. Postmaster how many times dogs attack mail carriers in the course of a year. In all instances, it is the dog owner's fault. That doesn't make the dog vicious. The dog Mr. Weatherby makes reference to was adopted out after being observed for six months.

I have made inquiries to local, county and federal law enforcement agencies, as to leash laws on federal property. I have been informed leash laws apply only to designated campsites and areas where the public is present. If Mr. Weatherby has information to the contrary please let me know.

Mr. Fish's destiny is in the hands of the courts. Even if he gets off, he will never get over the fact he took the life of a real person.

I have but one request, if the reader is one of those who chooses to carry and use a weapon, think long and hard and take a lesson from this one. It will cost you everything, right or wrong. Ask Mr. Fish.

John J. McCauley, Payson

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