It's Time For Payson To Clean House



I have a suggestion for the Payson Planning and Zoning Department. Why not consider a plan called "Beautify Payson?" How about improving the quality of life for the citizens of Payson? It is hard to believe that we are in the 21st century when children and mothers are pushing strollers on the road. Payson has sidewalks where no one walks, and bus rest stops with no bus service, etc. Payson is in need of good roads throughout the town, streetlights and an improved sewer system. Tourists coming into town will see a clean, well-managed town.

It is wonderful that Main Street got the awards, but this does nothing for the folks who live here. I feel too much time, energy and money is spent on Main Street.

In regard to water, my dear Payson, you pay high water bills, conserve, deprive yourselves of a little garden -- all for the sake of the tourists and business. Are you second-class citizens? I was wondering with all the new construction going on, do they bring in their own water? Are the citizens of Payson ready to pay $1 million to the developer for water (stolen)? Where do you think the money will come from? From you, my friend. I think it is poor planning.

What about economic development? Does Payson need more empty stores, another liquor store (as if Payson doesn't have a problem with underage consumption, domestic violence and DUIs, and another service station).

Think about it, Payson. It is time to clean house.

Mary Ann Kotelnicki, Star Valley

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