Priorities Are Off Base



While President Bush and Mexico's President Fox continue to let us pay the tab for illegal immigrants, now they keep us out of our own forests. The warning in your paper to beware while going into the forests makes me sick. It is our playground.

Next will be, "Don't go into the woods at all, let the illegals have them."

Bush should pull our National Guard out of Irag and Afghanistan and have them go through every inch of Arizona forest and weed out the "unwanteds" and be protecting us, so we can go into our own forests, in our own country without fearing for our lives. I will still hike in the forests. I will have my friend "Mr. Ruger" with me and who knows, maybe my father's old blunder buster 12-gauge side-by-side might go with me. What say you, Governor? Are you going to protect us?

Sue Dolan, Payson

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