Writer Calls For Votealution, Not Revolution



I read Tom Garrett's article on the use of humans in place of mules when the going got rough. It reminded me of another one I read where slave owners hired Irish immigrants to do dangerous work because if a slave was injured or killed it was a financial loss to them.

What scares me the most is the current trend of going into the world market for the cheapest labor leaving the working man in our style of society vulnerable to accepting a lower wage (currently not enough to raise a family with) and thereby forcing out more hours of labor or making both parents work for a living. The division of the wealth that is created by mankind has been the problem from day one. For years our tariffs not only protected the working man in America, but also raised money to operate the government.

At this point in history, however, it appears that the so-called common man is headed for another terrible slide down the slippery slope to poverty, while those who rule are further enriched beyond any needs. You may yet see the day when here in America a man is valued less than a mule.

In the short life of America, the common man has gone through several swings. He left a lifestyle where what he grew or created belonged to the king or lord under whom he served. Once here, while life was hard, everything he created, grew or found was 100 percent his. Then the king wanted to tax them (which makes sense as he was supposedly protecting them). When the tax became too large, however, and the control too restrictive, they revolted. Once again mankind kept more of his labors and had more freedom.

Next came the large corporations, which while serving their owners, slowly reduced the lifestyle of the workers. This was broken up by government restrictions on monopolies and the creation of labor unions, who were supported by their government. Then around 1960 the government and unions began to side more with the corporations than the workers and it has been a downslide since then. I pray that mankind has advanced enough to make the next change without a shooting revolution. I like to think of it as a votealution. It can only happen if enough common people gather together and choose their leaders from among them to serve them only.

Dayton H. (Hoby) Herron, Bend, Ore.

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