Stories for December 2005


Thursday, December 29

More women trying recreational fishing


When I talk fishing, whether it's trout, crappies or bass, my conversation is usually with a group of guys at weigh-ins for a bass tournament or working at The Tackle Box in Tonto Basin. The main topics that are the focal points of our discussion are numbers of fish, size of fish and what kinds of bait were used to catch fish.

What's up?

Q: When you are coming off Highway 260 down to Wells Fargo, and then going into the drive-thru, who has the right-of-way between people coming from the McDonald's area? I've almost been hit a couple of times. I assumed that because I was coming off a major street that I had the right-of-way, but no one seems to be able to answer my question. Are there any plans to put up yield signs?

Dazzling rally sparks Lady Horns

A rally that will go down as one of the greatest comebacks in Payson High School basketball history lifted the Lady Longhorns to a 48-45 win over the Tempe McClintock Chargers.

Bumper sticker brouhaha

As I was sitting in my vehicle in front of Wells Fargo bank last Wednesday, a woman was attempting to get into the car next to me. (I was parked too close for her to get in.) As I was moving my truck, a man in his mid-30s approached the woman. He was waving his arms and screaming at her about the bumper stickers on her car.

New year brings new chance to be better pet owner


It is time again for New Year's resolutions. The new year provides a new opportunity for a new beginning "with no mistakes in it," says Ann of Green Gables in the movie. The thought of starting a new year is energizing. I am determined to put in the extra effort to make changes for the better for me and for my dogs.

‘Due diligence' process missing in Payson

About 12 years ago, when we were living in Scottsdale, a developer was proposing to put some new units into our neighborhood. I wrote the mayor expressing my concerns, and within a few days a young man showed up at our front door.

Opinions of amateurs could lead to more costly war

Recent letters to the editor critical of President Bush substitute speculation, opinions and conclusions for facts supported by substantial, relevant, credible evidence.

Disagreeing with Bush is not unpatriotic

Bush's use of wiretapping, unauthorized by the courts, is another example of the fundamentalist way that he and Cheney use the office of the presidency.

College ‘travesty' leads to resignation

The following letter of resignation was submitted by Dick Wolfe to Robert Ashford, acting chairman of the Gila Community College Board of Governors:

Public can help fight meth, alcohol abuse

Southwest Behavioral Health/Rim Guidance Center is beginning a new campaign to assist the community in addressing the problems of methamphetamine abuse and underage drinking.

Chain letter circulating in Payson after 15 years

In 1989, before the days of e-mail and Web sites, a 9-year-old boy with a life-threatening illness made a wish. He wanted to be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for receiving the most greeting cards. A chain letter was born.

Goodwill says goodbye

The Payson Goodwill store will close its doors at 7 p.m. tomorrow.

Council candidate wants to work through the ranks

After losing the last two mayoral elections, Diane Sexton has decided to run for town council this time around.

Flu season hits hard in Rim Country

Dick Wolfe woke up dizzy one day last week. In a matter of hours, vertigo and nausea swept over his body, followed by three days of bed confinement.

Police plan saturation patrols to deter holiday DUIs

Ring in the new year with friends, mirth and a grand time -- not jail time. Don Engler, Payson police commander, said residents can expect more officers and dense saturation of law enforcement personnel patrolling throughout town.

Underage consumption second-highest offense

A survey of all Payson High School students who attended the recent anti-substance abuse play "Ask Shawna" asked, "What percentage of PHS students drink alcohol?"

20-20 fore-and-hindsight


While I was assigned to the American Embassy in Pakistan, one of our older local employees named Abdul taught me the meaning of wisdom -- three separate times.

Quad Squad chooses winners


The Christopher Creek Quad Squad went out Christmas Eve for the annual ride on their decorated quads, golf carts and pretty much anything that ran, to judge the best-decorated houses.

Jury returns murder conviction

After hearing closing arguments Friday, before Christmas, jurors in the Kevan Kuhlman murder trial went home for the holidays and returned to the courtroom with a guilty verdict Wednesday, Dec. 28.

Runaway truck stops between two homes

Shortly after 8 a.m. Thursday, R.J. Frost and his co-worker, Misti Roberson, parked their 9,000-pound, 16-foot GMC diesel truck at the top of the hill on South Montana Drive in Payson. It didn't stay there.

Divas do Christmas


This is my last column for the year; 2005 is history. It is remarkable how swiftly this year has gone.

Regional battles just ahead

The tune ups are over and the crucial games and matches are just around the corner for the Longhorn basketball and wrestling teams.

Realtor honored

Suzanne Knighton, center, has been named 2005 Realtor of the Year for Prudential Arrowhead Realty, owned and operated by Cliff Potts, left.

What makes Christmas Christmas?

Thank you, Richard Haddad, for sharing this story of you and your little son with us.

New Year's celebrations close to home


All of a sudden, Christmas is behind us once again. Wow. All the preparations and activities, and then it is over for another year.

Bush and cronies have to go

In response to "Exit Strategy No. 1" (Dec. 23 Roundup): Bravo, Larry Brophy! Well said! Too bad our elected officials in Congress don't have the common sense to listen to you as well.

Million-dollar homes multiply in Rim Country

Million-dollar mountain villas, scattered above and beyond the lowland homes of Payson, are cradled among the palisade vistas and kelly-green fairways of the Rim Country.

Hunting with hawks


The raptor that you may find perched on Jason Pollack's gloved hand is an immature Red-tailed hawk named Dax.

Horns return to hardwood; East battles loom

An eight-day respite from the rigors of high school basketball ended Dec. 29 for a Longhorn boys basketball team that in 2005 compiled a 7-6 record.

Getting healthier in the new year

Arguably the most common New Year's resolutions center around losing weight and getting healthier. While the Rim Country provides many opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast, local gym owners and others provide a variety of exercise outlets, from swimming, tai chi and yoga, to martial arts, pilates, weight training and step aerobics.

Santa stolen from Christopher Creek display

The Grinch who stole Christmas has apparently visited Christopher Creek.

Payson perfect base for exploring Arizona

Since I host the afternoon show on KMOG five days each week, I confine my travel throughout our state to short segments. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the wonders of Arizona during the past few years. I'll mention here just a few places you might enjoy, if not for the first time, at least considering another visit.

New Ox Bow owners plan restaurant

The new owners of the Ox Bow Inn took over operation of the bar last week, and eventually plan to refurbish and reopen the historic property's restaurant.

Mary Catherine "Kay" (Kirk) Turner

Mary Catherine "Kay" (Kirk) Turner, died Dec. 22, 2005 at her home in Payson.

Eastern bass circuit hooks Rim Country pro angler

A Payson angler who bought his first bass boat with money earned from collecting and selling elk antlers is set for his second season on the prestigious Wal-Mart FLW tournament series and tour.

Tuesday, December 27



If you are looking for a way to slow down and take stock in the new year, may I suggest journaling -- not as another item on your to-do list, but as a gift to yourself, a record of the journey of the experiences and thought processes that make up your life.

Caught in the Cardinals' quagmire


It's no secret that the Arizona Cardinals are up there with the greatest of the world's truly great losers -- the Chicago Cubs.

The year that was in the Rim Country


As 2005 draws to a close, we have one final chore -- anointing the old year in Payson in the fashion of the Chinese New Year.

Monday, December 26

Lady Horns defending hoop title

The basketball eyes of Arizona are focused on Wilson dome and old PHS gym, where the Payson Holiday Hoops tournament is unfolding.

Help fill terminally ill child's wish

The Make-A-Wish Foundation has asked us to forward the following request.

Paper was upsetting

The Roundup paper of Dec. 16 was upsetting. Page one headline "Defense (Mr. Fish) says evidence will show victim (Mr. Kuenzli) Unstable." What gall?

Source of money may cover truth

For the third time in less than a month, the Payson Roundup has run an article -- the exact same article -- about the Gila County Health Department's new program to educate women regarding breast cancer.

Ranchers work hard to preserve public lands

I'm writing in regard to the letter written by Kent Knudson: "Cage cattle, not people" (Dec. 20 Roundup). Maybe Mr. Knudson does not understand the open range law.

Victim on trial

In response to the article, "Defendant says evidence will show victim unstable." Mr. Fish's attorney, A. Melvin McDonald, is doing a great job of trying Grant Kuenzli in the media, but Judge Mark Moran will rule the information on Kuenzli's mental health is inadmissible. Fish would have had to have knowledge of that (mental health) at the time he shot Kuenzli.

High time for mandatory recycling and trash collection

During this week's Street Talk interviews with area residents, it quickly became evident that there is not only a need for mandatory curbside recycling, but also passionate support for a town-subsidized program.

Open letter to CART

I, and I assume all other residents of the new town of Diamond Star, received in the mail a four-page letter from an alleged organization (I say "alleged" because "we" could be just one person and the voices in his head) hiding behind the acronym "CART," which must stand for Citizens Afraid to Reveal Themselves.

Education funding deadline Saturday

When it comes to funding education, Arizona ranks 49th in the nation -- almost dead last. And for many Rim Country parents, teachers and administrators, this dubious honor is not only discouraging, but correcting it feels like an insurmountable challenge.

Everything old isn't always new again

Every year I go kicking and screaming into the New Year. Not because I'm against change. I simply cannot remember to change the year on my checks until May. I not only have to know how much money is in my checking account, but also remember what year to put on the check I'm writing today.

College board found in violation of open meeting laws

The Arizona Attorney General's Office found the Gila County Community College Board of Governors in violation of open meeting laws associated with Eastern Arizona College's presence in Gila County.

What's up?

Q: When are stamps going up from 37 to 39 cents and why?

Fatal drunken driving case set for trial

David Goddard of Payson finds it sadly ironic that Jan. 17, 2006 has been selected as the start of a trial for the driver accused of killing his wife, son and stepson.

Councilor opts not to run again

When the final slate of candidates for mayor and town council was released recently, Councilor Dick Reese was conspicuous by his absence. Reese, who debated up until nearly the deadline whether to run, finally opted to step down. Health issues were part of his reasoning, but there was more to his decision, he told the Roundup.

Candidate says he would heal rift with Star Valley

Charlie Smith, the vice president and general manager of Lifestar Ambulance, is running for the Payson Town Council because he has been frustrated working for change from the outside.

Finnish exchange student at Payson High School aspires to write

Taru Tarnanen will have to repeat the year she has spent as a junior at Payson High School, not because she didn't pass, but because she is an exchange student from Finland. When she returns home, she will have two years to go until graduation. "But it's worth it!" she said.

Tree recycling program

The first deliveries for the town's tree recycling program came from The Home Depot. About 300 trees were delivered at the Payson Event Center early Tuesday morning by Clint Ellis and Bill Salia, both of Payson.

Rim Country briefs

KDS Construction withdrew its zoning change request to allow a 40-unit townhouse and 26 single-family homes subdivision at 400 N. Tyler Parkway at a special Payson Planning and Zoning Commission meeting Thursday.

Concert attendance was disappointing

Last weekend, my husband and I attended the Christmas concert by the Payson Choral Society. The concert was held at the Payson High School auditorium.

Nazi comparison is insult

The letter written by Mr. Kane from Pine is an insult to every American serving in Iraq and every Jew.

Make plan to limit taxes, grow wealth in future

With the end of the year fast approaching, many people have tax planning on their minds.

Top senior students named

Payson Elks Lodge No. 2154 and Don Heizer, counselor of Payson High School, have announced the senior students of the month for October, November and December.

Contractor policies welcomed by insurer

Dan Cobb offers a full spectrum of business and personal insurance products as a licensed agent with American National Insurance Company and American National Property and Casualty Company.

Broker thinks Wachovia a better fit for his style

Investment adviser Kevin Dick has made a professional change, opening his own company, Kevin Dick Investments and Financial Services of Wachovia Securities Financial Network. "Everybody has a different philosophy when it comes to their money and everybody has a different plan, so what I try to get my clients to do is paint a picture of what their investments are supposed to do for them," Dick said.

Rollover on the Beeline

Three Phoenix residents sustained minor injuries during a single-car accident after their vehicle flipped Dec. 21.

Bette J. Neely

Bette J. Neely, 72, of Payson, died Dec. 18, 2005 in Phoenix after a long illness.

Future competitions real tests for wrestlers

Payson High School wrestling coach Rich Ormand knows all too well a "big school" ambush could be awaiting his young grapplers. The Horns face Phoenix and Tucson powerhouses Jan. 4 in a five-way meet at Marana Mountain View and Jan 6 and 7 at the Peoria Invitational.

As Cardinals leave ASU stadium their memories are as dim as their play

Almost to a player, the Arizona Cardinals say they are glad to be departing Sun Devil Stadium.

Devils' bowl game brings back summer memory

An NCAA Division 1 team that last summer honed its gridiron skills under the watchful eye of Rim Country fans at Rumsey Park and Camp Tontozona will be on the national stage this evening.

Longhorn boys jayvee team has 5-0 record

Kenny Hayes, in only his second year of high school coaching, didn't lose a step in moving up to junior varsity after leading last year's freshmen to an 11-7 record.

Thursday, December 22

Listen to Mary's Lullaby (mp3 audio file)

Listen to "Mary's Lullaby" with music composed by Christopher Creek resident Wanda West Palmer.

Yule Crack Up: Holiday classics set mood

New movies about the ultimately fun trials of gathering with family for Christmas, shopping for the perfect gift and learning the true meaning of the season come out each year.

Make time for pets during the holidays


Writing a "pet" column, which will appear in the Payson Roundup on the eve of Christmas Eve, is no easy task. People are busy and may not get the paper read for a few days, and who has time to read a pet column?

Teacher becomes pupil on mission to Kenya

"Jambo!" a Swahili greeting from cheerful voices rang out in the early morning air. Bright-faced children of all ages ran alongside our vehicle, waving as our driver turned into Manyani village in Kenya, Africa.

Salvation melts former Black Panther's fire


Roscoe Dabney speaks softly, never reacting, often laughing, as he tells the story of the wild ride that has been his life -- years fraught with pain, sadness, anger and ultimately redemption.

Holiday Hoops to see 'toughest field ever'

The 16 teams participating in the annual Holiday Hoops Basketball Tournament should present some hard and fast action on the courts of Wilson dome and the high school gym next week.

Area children enjoy special visit with Santa


Santa Claus arrived for the area children's Christmas party at the fire hall Saturday afternoon and was met by a cheering crowd of little ones who had been waiting patiently to see him.

Town will recycle trees

The Town of Payson will recycle Christmas trees for area residents this year. Christmas tree recycling is an important way to give a renewable, recyclable resource back to the environment.

Celebrate new year with a run

Payson Parks and Recreation Department is taking registrations for the inaugural Resolution Run 10K and 2-mile Fun Run.

Christmas, family, and the outdoors


For many families, the time between Christmas and New Year's is for visiting family, and often this means traveling out of state.

Longhorns beat Chinle on the hardwood

A Monday night clash with Chinle closed the 2005 portion of the Longhorn basketball season. The Horns won the match-up 60-53.

Wrestlers continue winning tradition

Payson High School wrestlers emerged from last week's Rim Country Duals with a perfect 7-0 record.

Channel 10 to feature boy, ranch on Christmas Eve

According to Terry Weisser, director of camp operations for Whispering Hope Ranch, journalist Bruce Dunbar of Fox 10 News has wanted to do a piece about the ranch for a long time. He came out and took a lot of footage of the ranch and of Jon Coleman, who has a rare form of muscular dystrophy.

John Raymond Landry

John Raymond Landry, 67, of Young, Ariz., died in Young Dec. 16, 2005. He was born Aug. 30, 1938 in Miami, Fla.

Dress, accessories empower women

Looking good can be about feeling better on the inside. And vice versa.

Hospice sends angels with music to homebound

Juanita Packer welcomed hospice "angels" Melissa Motola, and Lois Atkin into her home, settling down on her couch with her dog "Little Bit" to listen to their music.

What's up?

Q: Why didn't the school start the Christmas break earlier, like Dec. 21, so families could travel, instead of running school, and in some cases finals, right up to Christmas Eve? What's going to happen in 2006 when Christmas Eve is on Sunday? --AND-- Q: I am interested in finding out the school schedules at the middle school. I have not been able to find a Web site for the school district. I need to know when their breaks are. --AND-- Q: Does the new Gila County law that cleans up clutter and junk have any effect in the town of Payson?

Hunting is not barbaric

I have just finished reading what is, without a doubt, the single most ignorant rambling that I have ever stumbled across.

Barbarians are all around

I am 41 years old, married for more than 20 years, a mother of two teenagers and I work as an office manager. When I sit down to dinner, I lay my napkin in my lap and I chew with my mouth closed. I seldom use profanity, I never make rude gestures and I wear black to funerals.

Pity the politically correct fools

"Pity the fool," as Mr. T of the A-team used to so eloquently state it.

Exit Strategy No. 1

Despite much talk about an exit strategy from the Iraq quagmire in which our nation is embroiled, the No. 1 exit strategy has not been proposed. Let's fill that void.

Good water year an aberration

In the spring of 1999, the Town of Payson published a report on well depth history for 12 of the most prolific wells in town. Since an assured water supply is probably the most important function that town government performs, I thought this an excellent idea.

An open letter to deadbeat dads

This letter speaks for the hundreds of Rim Country mothers who desperately work to scratch out a living without any help from the men who should be called father.

Jurors to hear closing arguments in murder trial

Closing arguments will commence Friday morning in the murder trial of Kevan Kuhlman, charged with first-degree murder in the death of Payson's TV 7 Station Manager Susan Birchak in October of 2001.

McDonald's reopens

The old golden arches at the corner of Highways 87 and 260 have a proud, new glow. Payson's McDonald's reopened with a family night Thursday and began welcoming regular customers at 5 a.m. today.

Retail refuge for last-minute shoppers

'Tis the eve of the procrastinator shopping frenzy: bottlenecked checkout lines, packed parking lots and stores going crazy with retail therapy. For all you holiday retail slackers, relax -- you're not alone. The National Retail Federation reported that during the week ending Dec. 14, nearly 31 million out of 204 million shoppers -- 15 percent -- hadn't whipped out their checkbook.

First round goes to wild horses

A federal judge issued a preliminary injunction last week banning the capture and removal of "wild" horses from the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.

Secret Santa delivers 17 new bikes

A total of 17 youngsters sent letters through the Roundup to Santa's Helper. A special benefactor, who wishes to remain anonymous, arranged for all 17 to receive new bikes from Manzanita Adventure Sports, along with gift certificates for helmets and, for the younger letter writers, training wheels.

Christmas lullaby a growing favorite

Local composer believes song was divinely inspired

"A new star has risen to hail thee divine, For you are a king, But tonight you are mine...," reads a line in a poem about the Virgin Mary's simple, heartfelt love for her newly born child.

After work is done, enjoy calm of Christmas


It is hard to believe that Christmas is here. It happens every year, but the years seem to get shorter, so Christmases are closer together. I am still behind from last Christmas ... one of these days.

Tuesday, December 20

Deck the girls with party finery


If ever there were times that lent themselves to a woman getting fully decked out in a fine dress and heels, Christmas and New Year's Eve parties top the list.

Weird Christmas tree stories


Take a long, wistful look at our cover photo depicting an idyllic, pastoral holiday scene around a perfect Christmas tree.

Christmas by any other name ...


One of the themes of the 2005 holiday season seems to be an extra special, over-the-top sense of outrage about the dastardly people who want to take the word Christmas out of Christmas.

Satisfy that snack attack


With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is sometimes hard to find the time to stop and get something to eat.

Monday, December 19

Candle safety not just a seasonal concern


For many people throughout the country, the coming weeks will be anything but a holiday. Fires caused by candles and carelessness with fire will certainly damage homes, dampen spirits -- and sadly, may take lives.

Eight winners shine in community holiday lighting contest

With the return of the Christmas lighting contest, sponsored by the Payson Roundup, APS and the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce, many Rim Country residences have been decked out with lights that dazzle the eye and characters to charm the young and young-at-heart.

Senior facilities close for holidays


Christmas cards are arriving and what a treat it is to hear from friends and family one doesn't keep in close contact with. Seems like there are fewer cards than in other years. In these days of cell phones, voice mail, e-mail, computer greeting cards and text messaging, real letters are becoming a thing of the past. There's something so special about a "real" piece of mail in the mailbox along with bills and solicitations for credit cards.

Acts of kindness, charity really make sports stars

The Roundup's sports writer, Max Foster, is on vacation this week, leaving us less-than-sporting folks to take care of business.

Commitment earns seven Ring of Honor

Seven high school athletes received a ring -- the Ring of Honor -- from coach Jerry Rhoades, the football coaching staff and Payson High School, for their outstanding commitment to athletics and academics.

PHS wrestlers lock horns in dual match

The Payson High School Longhorn wrestling team pinned down a successful two-day run against six other squads during the Rim Country Duals, Dec. 16 through 17.

Michael S. Mugrage

Michael S. Mugrage, 44, of Payson, died Dec. 15, 2005. He was born Nov. 1, 1961 in Baltimore, Md. to Larry D. and Hilda Mugrage.

Renee Lenzmeier

Renee Lenzmeier, 75, of Payson, died Dec. 17, 2005 in Phoenix. She was born Renee Blow Nov. 10, 1930 in Montpelier, N.D.

Florence M. Flynn

Florence M. Flynn, 84, of Payson, died Dec. 15, 2005 in Payson. She was born Sept. 25, 1921 in Osage, Iowa.

Tax credit donations requested by PAHH, Christian school

The Payson Area Habitat for Humanity, Inc. is certified by the department of revenue to offer the State Charitable Tax Credit (CTC). Married couples, who file jointly, may claim up to $300 and individuals may claim $200.

Rim Country residents offered train discount

Grand Canyon Railway's popular Good Neighbor Promotion -- offering all residents living in the 928 area code 50 percent off train tickets -- is back. January through February, all residents living in the 928 area code will receive a 50 percent discount off any class train tickets.

Cruises cater to every travel taste

Often people I talk to about vacations tell me they don't think they would be happy on a cruise ship. "Not enough to do" and "too expensive" are just some of the reasons.

GCC's nursing program thriving

Five students have qualified to start the nursing program at Gila Community College Payson Campus in January.

GCC retains same lobbyist as EAC

Eastern Arizona College and Gila Community College Provisional District now have the same lobbyist. Mike Gardner of Triadvocates, like all lobbyists, will work to influence votes in the state legislature.

What's up?

Q: Is there a fire pole at the new fire station they are building on Main Street? If not, why? Are they in use any more?

Silent support of Iraqi war mirrors free rein given Hitler

What's become of America's soul? There are 58,000 names of dead people on a wall in Washington because the United States government lied to its people and the world. Many in America said "Never again!"

Update safe yield

The general idea of a safe yield concept is when the amount of ground water pumped from an aquifer exceeds the amount that is naturally, or artificially, replaced by rainfall, or by some other outside source.

Cage cattle, not people

Some people think that a "law" is permanent and unchangeable. If this were the case, such high profile issues such as slavery, women's voting rights and even public smoking would still be with us. The evidence is clear, laws can be changed!

No one says Merry Christmas anymore!

Just when you think we have become so "POLITICALLY CORRECT" we can't stand ourselves, some simple little thing happens and it reminds us all how sweet our life really is.

Road problems

In April 2005, I went to the city engineer about the road at 608 Zurich.

Lessons learned

I was suitably impressed by the recent article provided by Mr. Tyree, revealing the facts that precipitated the War for States Rights, the more accurate description of those events.

Payson made great impression

In November I was visiting Payson for the first time -- in fact it was my first visit to the states -- and I would like to say how impressed I was with your lovely town.

My explanation to a child about Christmas

As young parents more than 20 years ago, my wife Debbie and I were given the challenge of a first-born son with an unquenchable appetite for knowledge -- one who had to have a logical explanation for everything.

Pine emergency phone line closing

As of Jan. 3, 2006, the Pine-Strawberry Fire Department emergency telephone line will no longer be in service.

Oxbow Estates flinches from growing pains

A brown and cream-colored van sits abandoned among piles of warped lumber on the dusty graded earth of an aging RV park in Oxbow Estates. It's a place where million dollar homes shadow sagging trailers only a few feet away.

Motel manager charged with selling meth

Officers from the Payson Police Department, with assistance from Gila County Sheriff's deputies, arrested the manager of a Star Valley motel suspected of dealing methamphetamine.

Bell ringers resonate Christmas spirit

Salvation Army bell ringer Daphne Rutz was wishing everyone a Merry Christmas when something unexpected happened. "I had a lady turn on me and say, ‘You're not being politically correct,'" Rutz said. "I responded that I am a Christian, and as long as I am alive I'll wish people a Merry Christmas. Then, she threw her arms around me in a big hug and said, ‘God bless you.'"

Gittin' a rope for cowboy art and antiques

Authors Jinx and Jayne Peace Pyle have added the Art and Antique Corral to the company they formed for publishing and "other ventures," Git A Rope Enterprises.

Council candidate says he would 'run tighter ship'

Mike Vogel, a candidate for the Payson Town Council, bills himself as a champion of the workingman.

Two rezonings go to Planning and Zoning Thursday

The Payson Planning and Zoning Commission will meet at 4 p.m. Thursday to consider two rezoning requests. One is related to a new subdivision, the other to an industrial storage facility.

Attorney returns to his roots

John Franklin is a trial attorney. He practices criminal law, civil defense, personal injury, family law, corporate issues and commercial business litigation. He also drafts personal documents such as wills and trusts.

Thursday, December 15

What's up?

Q: Shouldn't restaurants in town be required to have a rest room or at least someplace for customers to wash their hands? Subway has neither. I was sent from Subway to Bashas' to wash my hands, so I went to a different restaurant.

Southwest Behavioral/Rim Guidance to target teen meth use with grant

Southwest Behavioral Health/ Rim Guidance Center has received a grant to assist the Northern Gila County area in addressing the growing problems of substance abuse in the community.

Mayoral candidate believes respect, diplomacy vital

Unlike many of the candidates for town council, Jon Barber has never run for public office.

Residents open hearts to cancer victim

Karl Hoidal, 17, endured almost a year of chemotherapy and radiation treatments remembering the finest times of his life were spent enjoying the great outdoors. "I wanted to hunt, fish and cut wood again," he said. "I couldn't do those things that I missed so much."

New beginning for New Beginnings

New Beginnings Pregnancy Center in Payson has a new director at the helm, but its mission to educate remains the same.

Luginbuhl, Sanchez to marry

John and Linda Luginbuhl, Juan and Penny Reyez , and Butch and Kathy Klein would like to announce the engagement of their children, Joe Sanchez and Katie Luginbuhl.

Buying water -- right or wrong?

This is a "what-if" scenario, which I would like someone to address.

Site feedback

Re: Web photo galleries -- How wonderful to be able to see the pictures of the (Christmas) Electric Light Parade on the Web. It's almost as good as being there. ...

God and country: prayers allowed


In 1943, during the very depths of World War II, at a time when patriotism was foremost in the eyes of every American, the Supreme Court heard West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette.

A pet for the holidays needs careful study


If a new puppy, dog or other pet is on your Christmas shopping list, there are some important things to think about.

New osteopathic doctor in Payson

Payson's newest family practitioner, Doctor of Osteopathic medicine Matthew R. Harris, grew up in a medical household in which his father was a radiologist.

Martial arts family fights domestic violence


Francisca Alatriz's estranged ex-husband fired nine bullets from a .22 caliber pistol at her -- five entered her body. Two years later, Francisca, 48, along with her two children Leticia and Victor, have qualified to compete in perhaps one of the largest and most prestigious martial arts tournaments. But more profoundly, they intend to use this international competitive forum to bring attention to domestic violence.

Barbarians among us

Many years ago, man used to hunt to eat. Today man hunts for fun. They go and get their hunting gear and they set out to ambush the animals in their own territory. They can't wait to shoot one dead because (wow!) it is a trophy.

A warning about expansive soils

This is a warning to all those who are contemplating or who are in the process of building or buying homes in Payson. The Payson area is widely underlain by what are termed "expansive soils."

Gydes have golden anniversary

Don and Connie Gyde will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Dec. 31, 2005.

Two deaths investigated

Two dead bodies were found in Gila County during the past 24 hours, said sheriff's detective Brian Havey.

Silent support of Iraqi war mirrors free rein given Hitler

What's become of America's soul? There are 58,000 names of dead people on a wall in Washington because the United States government lied to its people and the world. Many in America said "Never again!

Council slates set

With the filing deadlines now past, the following are candidates for the Payson and Diamond Star (Star Valley) town councils:

Defense says evidence will show victim 'unstable'

The fate of Harold Fish, charged with second-degree murder, could hinge on Coconino County Superior Court Judge Mark Moran deciding whether to allow evidence that the victim, Grant Kuenzli, might have been unstable. Since the onset of the case in the summer of 2004, defense attorney A. Melvin McDonald and deputy Coconino County Attorney Mike Lessler, the lead prosecutor, have argued whether Kuenzli's mental health records and evidence of several blustery confrontations were relevant.

Season of joy

The spirit of the season shone brightly on the faces of Kindergartners Caleb Miltimore and Leah Taylor during the Julia Randall Elementary School holiday concert Tuesday in the high school auditorium.

Ralph Edwin Pierce Sr.

Ralph Edwin Pierce Sr., 91, of Phoenix and Payson, died Dec. 14, 2005 in Phoenix. He was born Jan. 8, 1914 in Continental, Ohio.

Winnifred (Winnie) Cecilia Charle

Winnifred (Winnie) Cecilia Charle died Oct. 11, 2005 at RTA Hospice. She was preceded in death by her husband of 68 years, Lionel, who died Aug. 31, 2005.

Special delivery: Baby arrives before midwife, EMTs

Derek and Kara Brisson of Star Valley were expecting to deliver their third child at home with the assistance of a midwife. But at 1:59 p.m. Friday, Dec. 9 the first hands baby Elizabeth Anne felt were those of Colleen Hoernke, her maternal grandmother.

Lady Horns look to defend championship

Coach Rory Huff's Lady Longhorns can be excused for keeping one eye focused on the upcoming Holiday Hoops while playing Apache Junction Dec. 15 in Wilson dome. (Results not available at press time).

Horns have one more game for 2005

Playing 11 games in 12 days earned the Payson High School boys basketball team a well-earned day of respite.

Residents revel at rights celebration

The Second Annual Rim Country Celebration of Bill of Rights Day Celebration/Fund-raiser Saturday, Dec. 10 was a great success, according to organizer Tina Terry.

Athletes' conduct must be above reproach

A highly talented valley-area athlete and his school are paying a huge price for the teen's misbehavior.

Teacher planning day-care project released from contract

After refusing to accept two teachers' requests to resign earlier in the school year, the Payson school board reversed itself and gave Frontier Elementary School special education teacher Brad Bolt permission to step away from his contract at mid-year.

Wrestling action revs up in Payson

After being forced to forfeit a trio of weight class battles in a Dec. 7 three-way meet, the Longhorn wrestling team has returned to near full strength.

A flag is a banner of beliefs

I agree with Mr. Tyree regarding the power of knowledge over ignorance. I presume by the examples of the last 40 years in the education system, he is referring to the segregation of the school systems by federal order in the 1960s.

Stop exploiting the land

A public "Planning & Zoning Hearing" will be held at 4 p.m. Dec. 22, 2005 at town hall.

Drunk driving is serious for everyone

On Nov. 30, I had the lead in a play called "Ask Shawna." It was a play about an actual event that happened in Show Low about 12 years ago.

Use headlights to illuminate gray, winter days

A recent collision on Highway 87 in Payson took place in the gray of early morning. The driver of a pickup truck turned in front of a small, dark -colored sports car that may have easily blended into the surrounding asphalt, concrete and trees.

Lend a hand to help food bank


Just a week before Christmas, and I am not ready. Oh, well. The First Baptist Church of Pine always has wonderful, thought-provoking messages on their marquee.

Auxiliary celebrates successful year


The District Chatter column contains news about the Whispering Pines Fire District. The Whispering Pines Fire District includes the communities of Whispering Pines, Rim Trail, Geronimo Estates, Elusive Acres and the Boy Scout camp -- Geronimo.

Growing up behind the Berlin Wall


Ines (pronounced Enis) Kuperberg moved to the United States with her husband, Harry, one year ago. For a woman who grew up behind the Berlin Wall in East Germany, Payson has been quite a change.

Woman survives rollover

A woman from the Valley is lucky to be alive, according to Tom Fife, chief of Battalion 1 of the Payson Fire Department.

Counting down the days 'til Christmas


The countdown to Christmas Day is on. How far has everyone in the village gotten with their gift list, cleaning the house for company for Christmas dinner, writing Christmas cards and mailing them out in time, and shopping for just the right present for your family?

Creek rocking with Christmas cheer


Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church had its Christmas party Friday night. Approximately 75 people attended. The children of the church entertained everyone with Christmas carols.

Archery hunting rewarding


I have enjoyed the outdoors from my youngest days growing up in Iowa to the majority of my life living in Arizona. Hunting with a shotgun or a rifle seemed like the normal way of chasing birds or big game.

Tuesday, December 13

When potatoes are blue


Scientists are learning that the colors of vegetables perform a variety of protective duties in the human body.

Simple steps to entertaining with ease


A recent Gallup poll found that Americans rank entertaining -- along with filing tax returns and visiting the dentist -- as their number one stress-related event. Why is something that should be enjoyable causing such anxiety?

Trailer trash revival


Up here in the Rim Country, you're pretty much rich or you live in a manufactured home like most of us at The Rim Review.

Choral Society offers sounds of the season


When the Payson Choral Society takes the stage Saturday for its annual "Songs of the Season" Christmas concert, a very familiar face will be in an unfamiliar place.

Man transforms into monster hippo

It's probably the last thing you'd expect from mild-mannered financial planner and choir boy Bill Backes.

'Betty Zane' launched career

A slice of the American Revolution has come to Arizona through an unlikely source -- the famous western novelist Zane Grey. A rare 1903 first edition of "Betty Zane," Grey's first novel, was donated by Alberta Jarboe of Indiana to the recently dedicated Zane Grey Cabin in Green Valley Park. The book chronicles the true story of Grey's great great aunt, Betty Zane, who was a Revolutionary War heroine.

Santa needs help with shelter dog glut

A recent influx of dogs at the Payson Humane Society threatens to turn a happy holiday season into a dour one for shelter employees who may have to start putting them down -- not to mention dogs like Freckles, who may end up with a few less buddies on Christmas day.

Monday, December 12

Devin Thomas Richardson celebrates his first year

Devin Thomas Richardson will celebrate his first birthday next week.

PHS Drama presents puns and laughter

The Payson High School drama department will present a few different plays performed many different ways in the Studio Theater starting tomorrow and running through the weekend.

It's time to give to Credit for Kids

The opportunity to contribute to "Credit for Kids" is fast approaching. This program allows Arizona taxpayers to contribute money to schools for extracurricular activities, thus enriching the lives of our students and our community.

A history lesson

It will do little good, and accomplish nothing, to try to impress ignorance with knowledge. Giving a book to someone who will not understand its contents is an exercise in futility. Witness the examples of the last 40 years in the education system.

Payson still special

It has been 2-1/2 years since my wife and I moved from Payson to Bend to be near family. Even though I was not born there, I will always call Payson my hometown.

Railway experience close to home

If you are middle aged or younger, chances are you have never ridden on a train in the United States. Outside of Amtrak, the only way you can enjoy a "land cruise" today in Arizona is on the Verde Canyon private train or the Grand Canyon Railway.

Clean up junk or face fines, charges: new county law sweeps away clutter

The Gila County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a new law of the land at its Dec. 6 meeting: Clean up your junk or face civil charges and fines.

Flood plain plan will free up 26 acres for new development

The American Gulch Plan, left for dead in February, has been resurrected -- but this time taxpayers will not be footing the bill.

High school students work to snuff tobacco addiction

Seventeen Payson High School students graduated from nicotine-addled existences to lives free from tobacco Monday afternoon.

Kuhlman murder trial begins

A Payson man is back in court on murder charges. Kevan Kuhlman's first-degree murder trial is before Judge Peter Cahill. Kuhlman is charged with murdering Payson television station manager Susan Birchak in October 2001.

Rollover injures man on Airport Road

A driver was thrown from his vehicle during a rollover accident in north Payson Saturday evening, police said.

Candidate says council needs to rebuild trust

People who are surprised that the director of the Rim Country Literacy Program is running for the Payson Town Council don't know much about her background, because politics run deep in Su Connell's family.

Group home offers more options for parents

When meeting the needs of children and young adults with developmental disabilities (DDD) becomes more than parents can handle, a group home often becomes an option.

'My Big, Fat Greek' Christmas!

Who can forget the character in "My Big, Fat Greek Wedding" who found a way to derive every word in the English language from Greek.

Pearl Harbor survivor's story gave 'chills'

I just read a story in your paper about (R.J.) Williams and two other survivors of Pearl Harbor in 1941.

What's up?

Q: Why can't we access city hall departments through e-mail in this modern day and age?

Rim Country anglers earn a combined $2,786

A pair of Rim Country fishing teams made their presence known at the AllStar Bass Team tournament Dec. 3 at Roosevelt Lake.

Region's coaches honor Longhorn players

Six members of a Payson High School football team that tied Blue Ridge and Round Valley for the region championship were named to the All-East First Team.

Wrestlers thrill fans with skills

Winning two of three matches against East region rivals might not have been the highlight of a Dec. 7 multi-meet in Wilson dome.

Get ready to race at Green Valley Park

It's been a long time since the Rim Country hosted a 10K run.

Frosh turning in stellar season

The Payson High School freshman boys team is picking up where it left off last season when, as Rim Country Middle School eighth-graders, the crew won the White Mountain League championship.

Simple expressions of thanks make job worthwhile

Putting up the Christmas tree at a Foster family get together jolted an old memory when I came across an ornament given to me years ago by a former student.

Wrestlers host duals tournament

The highlight of the sports weekend will be the annual Rim Country Duals wrestling tournament, with six Class 2A to 5A teams battling it out in Wilson dome.

Katrina dogs need foster homes

Hurricane Katrina may be long over, but the repercussions of the devastating storm continue to exist for people and animals alike.

Converti, Cory marry

Michelle Converti and Colin Cory were married Oct. 29, 2005 in Gilbert at the Sovereign Grace Church.

Hatch, Magill to wed

Shea Hatch and William Magill will be married Friday, Dec. 16 in the Mesa Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Williams, Dinsmore engaged

Lara Williams, daughter of Dr. Bill and JeanAnn Schwark of Payson and Bob Williams of San Diego, Calif., will marry Jonathan Dinsmore Jan. 7 in Yuma.

Natural behavior solutions for your dog

Cindy Elmer has been training dog owners to establish a loving, respectful relationship with their dogs, where the dog sees its owner as the leader.

Allie M. Austin

Allie M. Austin, 95, died Dec. 10, 2005 at the RTA Hospice House. She was born Feb. 2, 1910 in Vancouver, Wash.

Valerie J. Moran

Valerie J. Moran, 68, of Payson, died Dec. 7, 2005. She was born Oct. 16, 1937 to John L. and Valerie S. Hegedus in Cleveland, Ohio.

Von Strauss remembrance to be held Saturday

Friends and acquaintances of Sharesse von Strauss are invited to a Remembrance of Life at the Museum of Rim Country Archaeology on Main Street from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 17.

Music history creates mental images

World of Music is a history class; a survey of all the different periods of classical music from the beginning to the present day.

Girls help animals

Renee DiBernardo and her sister, Carly DiBernardo, students at the Tonto Basin School, are on a mission to help the Payson Humane Society's needy animals.

Chase welcomed to Payson

Cathy Penrod, branch manager, beamed as Mayor Barbara Brewer snipped the red ribbon during Chase Bank's grand-opening ceremony Monday morning.

Rim Golf Club has new general manager

Joseph Sculac was recently welcomed by the Rim Golf Club -- Arizona's No. 1 luxury golf community -- as its new general manager.

Thursday, December 8

Couch catches fire in mobile home park

At approximately 6:30 p.m. Thursday, a structure fire was reported at one of the mobile homes at the Lamplighter RV Resort in Diamond Star.

Our courts and the First Amendment


In the year 1781, with the surrender of Cornwallis, the American Revolution was effectively over. Two years later, England recognized our right to govern ourselves, but while we were free at last to govern ourselves, we had yet to prove that we had the ability to draft a constitution that would allow us to do so.

Christopher Creek woman celebrates 90 years


Marge Matus celebrated her 90th birthday Dec. 1 with a room full of close friends and family.

Toby Jaymes Yates

Toby Jaymes Yates, 17, of Payson died Dec. 5, 2005 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix. He was born Sept. 28, 1988 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix.

What's up?

Q: In Pine, Verizon put in a tower and antenna. Later, two more antennas were added. ... --AND-- Q: Are art classes coming back to RCMS? If not, why? If so, when?

We get what we pay for

I am continually impressed with the Roundup's understanding and support of public education issues in our state. Your "Our View" on Nov. 29, 2005 correctly stated that "fast tracking" potential educators into our classrooms is not the solution to our current, and future, teacher shortages."

Shift in burden of proof

To Mr. Dave Engleman's and Mr. John J. McCauley's letters (to the editor), I am very sorry for the loss of your friend Grant Kuenzli.

Not voting was not refusing to vote

When will he get it right? In the Tuesday, Dec. 6, Roundup, Jim Keyworth reported a statement for about the fourth time, regarding the special Town Council meeting when attorney Tom Irvine advised the council the referendum could not be held.

Growth is explosive

I was interviewed over the telephone by Roundup reporter Nancy Wright for an article that appeared Dec. 2. Having read the article, I feel that my comments were reported out of context in a manner that presented my opinions unfairly and incorrectly.

Seeking the best balance

My compliments to the Roundup and reporter Nancy Wright for a well-written and well-balanced front-page article "Construction industry fuels Payson economy."

State leaders celebrate Bill of Rights Day in Rim Country

Our precious American Bill of Rights was ratified Dec. 15, 1791.

One of the greatest gifts: taking time to share stories

Gift giving can be exciting, it can be frustrating and sometimes it can be rewarding.

Diamond Star council approves $800,000 budget

The Diamond Star Town Council tentatively approved its first budget Tuesday evening.

Businesses join to supply angel tree

It just wouldn't be Christmas in the Rim Country without an Angel Tree program. Those sentiments are what prompted Majestic Mountain Inn, Wal-Mart, Flowers by June and Post Net to join forces to bring an Angel Tree to Wal-Mart.

New murder trial results from overturned plea

Kevan Kuhlman, convicted of murder in October 2003, is back in court. The case is being retried after Superior Court Judge Robert Duber, in late 2004, overturned the 41-year-old's 2003 second-degree murder plea agreement.

35 dogs waiting for a home at animal shelter

A recent influx of dogs at the Payson Humane Society threatens to turn a happy holiday season into a dour one for shelter employees who may have to start putting them down -- not to mention dogs like Freckles, who may end up with a few less buddies on Christmas day.

Spirit of Christmas comes to Payson in live musical drama

The Spirit of Christmas, a live musical drama, sponsored by the Payson Christian Ministerial Association, will be presented Sunday at the Payson High School auditorium.

Judge says water resolution can't go on ballot

Judge Colin Campbell ruled for the town of Payson and against putting the town's decision to buy water from a Star Valley well on the ballot.

Students offer moving tribute to veterans

Veterans and those who gave their lives in the attack on Pearl Harbor were honored at a tribute Dec. 7 in Payson High School gymnasium.

December calendar getting filled fast


Time is flying by, and I feel that I will never catch up with decorating, shopping, visiting old friends and writing Christmas cards. December is also a very busy one as far as birthdays go for the Snyder family -- six of them, along with a wedding anniversary.

Letting dogs roam in Rim Country is illegal


A friend called recently requesting that I write a column about dogs that are allowed to run loose. She likes to walk with her dogs on leash, as do many others. Loose dogs can turn a pleasant walk into a terrifying experience.

Candle factory manager says Payson shines


Stacy Lopatesky was 21 when she moved to Pine from Mesa. She admitted she hated it at first. Now she loves it here and can't imagine living any place else.

Buying gifts for the opposite sex

Buying the perfect gift for the woman in your life need not be intimidating or embarrassing.

Single shot nets victory at hoop shoot

The fiercest competition at the 2005 edition of the Elks Hoop Shoot occurred in the 10- and 11-year-old boys division where Jeffrey Kelley and Jimmy Zimmer met.

Gifts for the fisherman


Well, there are only 16 days left until Christmas. Are you perplexed about what to buy that fishing enthusiast in your life? Being a fisherman, I have received many gifts over the years that have been used as White Elephant exchanges.

Wrestlers see mixed results at Nevada tournament

Payson High School wrestlers grappled their way to a 5-2 record and a fourth-place finish in the Longhorns first visit to the Green Valley Duals in Henderson, Nev.

Horns ignored for Winslow Shoot-Out honors

An unsettling Winslow Shoot-Out scenario for coach Chuck Hardt was learning no members of the PHS boys squad were chosen to the all-tournament team.

Coach, running back earn regional accolades

A sweep of the two most prestigious postseason awards in the 3A East region has thrust the Payson High School football program into the spotlight of prep sports. In a voting of East region head coaches held at Hondah Resort near Pinetop-Lakeside, Jerry Rhoades was named the "Coach of the Year" and Luke Apfel selected "Player of the Year."

Vickie Lynn Herrick

Vickie Lynn Herrick, of Payson, died Dec. 3, 2005. She was born Dec. 22, 1955 in St. Joseph, Mo.

Affordable apartments almost ready for residents

Payson has a shortage of low-income housing for seniors, according to Rick Croy of the Payson Regional Housing Development (PRHD). "A lot of lower income seniors in Payson are struggling to meet their obligations," he said.

Plenty of plans afoot in mountain communities


Christmas is in the air. Beautiful light displays are shining brightly in the night. Take a little extra time and be very careful when behind the wheel this holiday season.

Pearl Harbor attack still vivid for survivor

Sailor swam from capsized battleship under a blazing sea

J.R. Williams credits the military training he received as a teenager at Great Lakes Naval Station for saving his life after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941. That training included swimming the length of an Olympic-size pool, under water without coming up for air.

Wednesday, December 7

Community Photo Galleries

A selection of Roundup photo galleries for an inside look at our community.

Tuesday, December 6

Scouting mistletoe


High in the boughs of oaks and ponderosa pines grows the ariel parasitic herb known as mistletoe.

Cookies make for a great exchange


Cookie exchanges are the perfect way to give and receive this holiday season.

A twist of the wristband


Rubber wristbands are all the rage. They not only make a fashion statement, but they send a message -- supporting almost any cause or sports team imaginable.

Jazz drummer 'sticks' with Payson

Gerry Reynolds had been playing drums pretty much all of his life -- until the real world intervened.

A cool way to get in the holiday spirit


Guitarist Pete Pancrazi -- who is appearing in Payson this Sunday -- is not exactly a household name when it comes to jazz legends, but the Valley musician is extremely well known in the jazz community.

Monday, December 5

Center gives students a look at career choices

Career exploration is a critical component of the technology-based learning programs at the Payson Center for Success high school. The explorations are part of the life and employability skills class that is required each semester.

Veterans, Pearl Harbor remembered at basketball game

The Longhorn boys basketball team, fresh from winning the consolation championship at the Winslow Shootout Dec. 1 to 3, will honor military veterans during pregame ceremonies at a Dec. 7 game against Fountain Hills.

Lady Horns take third in tourney

A 4-2 finish in the Phoenix Christian Invitational was good enough to earn the Lady Longhorns third-place honors and a spot on the all-tournament team.

Wayne Edward Spies

Wayne Edward Spies, of Payson, died Dec. 4, 2005 following a stroke.

Brook Alan Davis

Brook Alan Davis, 58, of Payson, died Dec. 4, 2005 in Payson. He was born Sept. 10, 1947 in Cupertino, Calif.

Dennis (Denny) Gene Benson

Dennis (Denny) Gene Benson, 61, of Payson, died Nov. 30, 2005. He was born June 18, 1944 to John William and Alvada Lucille Benson in Lakewood, Ohio.

Bear Flat resident remembers hard times

About a month ago, I asked my readers if anyone knew how Bear Flat got its name. Katherine Baxter knew. Katherine has lived in Bear Flat for many years.

Woodrow Wilson Allen

Woodrow Wilson Allen died Dec. 1, 2005 in Payson. He was born Dec. 28, 1914 in Conneaut Lake, Pa. to Don and Mary Iva Allen.

Blaze incinerates home, under investigation

A first alarm fire that destroyed an unoccupied, two-bedroom home in southeast Payson Friday is under investigation by the Payson police and fire departments.

Judge will rule this week on water referendum

Payson voters will have to wait a few more days to find out if Resolution 2098 will make it to the ballot after a Superior Court judge listened to presentations from both sides at a hearing Monday morning.

Diamond Star council tackles budget, water, lawsuit

The Diamond Star Town Council will take up water issues and other subjects at a round of meetings Tuesday.

Remember the elderly at Christmas


December is the social butterfly of the calendar. This month has many festivals, observances and holidays, duly observed with brunches, lunches, office parties and dinners, culminating, of course, in the granddaddy of all party dates, New Year's Eve.

Live Nativity and Christmas programs this weekend

This weekend, two special Christmas programs are planned.

Event Center developer granted 60-day extension

Apparently both parties -- the town of Payson and Hospitality Support Group (HSG) -- believe they are on the right track to develop the Payson Event Center.

What's up?

Q: One Friday, at approximately 7:05 p.m., my husband and I were driving along Beeline in the left lane, going south. From what we could see, no cars were in the right lane. Before we got to Bonita, we noticed a car in our rear view mirror traveling well over the speed limit with their high beams on. ... --AND-- Q: Is In-N-Out Burger coming to Payson where the old Ed's Tire and Auto used to be on the Beeline? --AND-- Q: Is Taco Bell going to be demolished and a new combination Taco Bell Long John Silver's Fish going to be put in its place? --AND-- Q: How long will the rest area at the corner of Highways 87 and 188 be closed?

DUI roadblocks needed

A few months ago, there was a controversy regarding DUI roadblocks in Payson. Now, with great regret, we learn of a family killed by a drunk driver.

Response to Nall letter

Lyn requested I reveal what I see in my crystal ball. I must admit I don't have a crystal ball. What I have is a passion to defend Grant Kuenzli, because he cannot defend himself.

Give your smile, it's free

Here is a thought for pre-Christmas. Have you ever wondered why you feel bad after you have returned from a store? You tell your spouse, "I've been shopping, found everything I needed, I should feel good, but I don't."

Poor free throws contribute to 40-38 Horn loss

The final two seconds of a non-region clash between the Payson Longhorns and Sedona Scorpions contained enough tense drama to last coach Chuck Hardt the remainder of the season.

Clinic helps attain quality sleep, improve health

If you are sleepy, a more vibrant, energetic life may be waiting for you with the help of the staff at the new sleep disorder-testing center opened in Payson by Rick and Janice McGee.

Let's buy a Christmas tree

I just received a flier advertising "Farm Grown Holiday Trees." I believe that it is time for Christians of all denominations to stand up for Christmas. Organizations like the ACLU are destroying American values.

Fly your flag

I have no problem with you wanting to fly the Confederate flag as long as it is flown lower than the U.S. flag.

Join up

All you Arizona Yankees should be tarred and feathered. At least let the Southern Parties of the Southwest burn a few crosses to get things straightened out here in Payson.

The bottom line

If people in Payson and Star Valley are upset with this lawsuit being brought against Star Valley by some of its most prominent citizens, the best way to protest this is with your checkbook.

Take time to make holidays happy

Time is growing short to make a contribution to the organizations working to make a merry Christmas for Rim Country residents in need.

Parade lights up Main Street

Girl/Boy Scout float takes top honors

The combined Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts float -- The Scout Express -- took top honors at the fifth annual Main Street/APS Electric Light Parade Saturday.

Collectors loco for locomotives

Ron and Donna Bumann couldn't be happier about the 400 feet of train track running through the yard of their Payson home. But when one of their four trains are clanking over those tracks, the spectators and the Bumanns are ecstatic.

Consider buying a JRE engraved paver for a gift

Julia Randall Elementary School isn't just repaving its front walkway, it is bricking it in with engraved pavers.

Web site showcases students

Julia Randall Elementary School's Web site,, showcases student achievement.

Edward Brady Lord

It's a boy ... After five generations of girls, a boy was finally born into the extended Paul family. Ann and David Paul are happy to announce the birth of their great-grandson, Edward Brady Lord.

Charles Clemen Schorey

Charles Clemen Schorey, 93, of Happy Jack, died Dec. 1, 2005 in Payson. He was born Jan. 1, 1912 in Uniondale, Ind.

State push to take over schools needs careful study

Last week the state took over the Colorado City Unified School District. Now State School Superintendent Tom Horne wants the legislature to give him the power to take over districts more easily.

Payson man meets pirates on the high seas

A pirate attack is not what Armand Werle was expecting when he set out on a 16-day voyage aboard the 5-star cruise ship Seabourn Spirit. "I've done a lot of cruising since my wife died five years ago, but this was one (cruise) I, nor anyone else, could ever have expected," the 85-year-old retired West Coast city manager said.

Council to consider subdivision rezoning

Higher-density project behind Home Depot will require imported water

The Payson Town Council may not be able to maintain a festive atmosphere when it convenes at 6 p.m. Thursday for the last regular meeting before the holidays.

Payson woman honored by military

Hazel West has been crocheting most of her adult life. She has created projects from afghans to adult booties and everything in between.

Middle school students earn Suns honors

A pair of Rim Country Middle School students realized the dream of a lifetime when they were escorted onto the Phoenix Suns' playing court by NBA star Jim Jackson.

Historic home becomes healing center

When licensed Master and Clinical Social Worker Penny Navis-Schmidt moved her practice to the historic home turned business at 700 W. Main St., she hoped to one day own the property and create a healing center.

Young athletes featured this weekend

Athletes among the Payson High underclassmen will have plenty of opportunities Dec. 10 to hone their skills for the days when they will be varsity competitors.

Sunday, December 4

Holiday lighting contest application

Print an application for the community Christmas Lighting Contest. Home and business owners are invited to enter by Tuesday, Dec. 15.

Photo Gallery: Main Street/APS Electric Light Parade 2005

The Roundup presents a collection of photos from the 2005 Main Street/APS Electric Light Parade held Saturday, Dec. 3, 2005.

Thursday, December 1

Quilting teacher is award-winning fabric artist


Sharon Schamber said she is, first of all, a teacher, then an artist. Quilts just happen to be the medium she chooses to use. "I love teaching. I'm a natural teacher and I have unusual techniques. A lot of my techniques come from mass production."

Longhorn wrestlers win opener

The Longhorn wrestling team returned to the 3A conference, after two years among the 4A ranks, with a bang, spanking Fountain Hills 51-15.

Lady Horns stomp Scottsdale Christian

A Scottsdale Christian Academy basketball program that rolled over the Payson High School boys team was no match for the Lady Longhorns.

Jeanne Vaplon

Jeanne Vaplon, 83, of Payson, and a former resident of Truth or Consequences, N.M., died Nov. 30, 2005 in Payson. She was born March 13, 1922 in Lidgerwood, N.D.

Wade W. Reed

Wade W. Reed, 50, of Mesa, and a part-time resident of Tonto Village III, died Nov. 28, 2005.

Elmer Hugh Grace

Elmer Hugh Grace, 89, of Payson, died Nov. 29, 2005. He was born Aug. 31, 1916 in Boles, Ky.

Trina M. Carroll

Trina M. Carroll died Nov. 30, 2005. She was born July 8, 1943 to Dave and Del Mazzetti in Spring Valley, Ill.

Chancy Brown Bradshaw

Chancy Brown Bradshaw died Nov. 26, 2005 from injuries sustained in a car accident near Payson. He was born on April 29, 1985 to Gary and Joan Bradshaw, and was raised in Higley, Ariz.

What's up?

Q: I heard on a Flagstaff radio station that a horse is required to eat a certain kind of hay if it is going to be ridden in the national forests. Is that true? --AND-- Q: Why doesn't Wal-Mart clean all the garbage around the recycling bins and along the slopes? For a company that makes billions of dollars, surely they can hire a crew to keep their parking lots and surrounding areas clean.

Water wars

Bill Kollenborn has used a lot of words to express himself on the water issue in Tuesday's Roundup. I will try to use fewer.

Flying enemy flags

When the Confederates seceded from the Union and started the Civil War in 1861, they declared themselves enemies of the United States of America.

There could have been friendship

I think that if Grant Kuenzli and Harold Fish had met they could have become friends. Unfortunately the dogs met Mr. Fish first.

The war on our children

Our children are the future of America. Yet, our leaders are ignoring them.

Noise ruined event

Last week, I had the pleasure to visit Payson and, while there, I also attended the Swiss Village Christmas event.

Spirit of Christmas comes in many forms

Even though it is still early December, the spirit of Christmas can already be found all around us.

Driver responsible for three deaths was drunk

The driver who killed three members of a Rim Country family was legally drunk at the time his SUV collided with a Chevrolet Tahoe driven by David Goddard of Payson.

Holidays a time to help needy pets

"No one wants to wake up alone and behind bars on a holiday morning," the press release begins. It's not a warning to avoid drinking and driving, but a plea to help the less fortunate among the Rim Country's furry friends through the Payson Humane Society's "Home 4 the Holidays" program.

Celebrations abound around the creek


Pastor Ed Hepworth of the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Chapel baptized Travis Kilbourne, Jessica Standly, Rebecca Jones and Kelly McQuiston last weekend. A celebration luncheon followed the service.

Follow the light

There was an article in the Nov. 18 paper pertaining to a ceilometer (light that measures the height of clouds). It mentioned that this light was obsolete and will be removed.

School board refuses appeal to release teacher

Payson High School girls physical education teacher Audra Judd's appeal to the school board to accept her resignation has been denied.

Holiday inventories branching into Christmas tree business

As of Nov. 30, the Pleasant Valley Ranger District in Young only had 35 permits left for those who want to go out and cut their own Christmas trees.

Construction industry fuels Payson economy

Benefits and burdens of town growth debated

While the Payson Town Council battles over growth and water, many people insist sales tax revenues from construction companies benefit our community. But others ask if the benefits outweigh the cost of growth.

Diversion, detainment or a bracelet

Minors who are arrested for drug or alcohol abuse in Gila County face diversion or detainment.

Lady Mavs prep for volleyball tourney

The focus of attention on the Rim Country Middle School campus is upcoming White Mountain League volleyball action.

'The world has changed so much,' says centenarian

"I don't even think about death; I'm too busy living. When I turn 100, now that will be a big celebration," Pat Griffin told Roundup reporter Jim Keyworth in a millennium interview in 1999.

Lawsuit challenges new town's existence

A lawsuit challenging the town of Diamond Star's right to incorporate was served to town officials Wednesday afternoon, just hours before the deadline to do so.

Cost-effective ways to keep cozy this winter

Cold, winter temperatures are definitely here, and that means it's time to winterize. There are several things to do to cut back on utility costs and make your home more efficient.

The roots of religious oppression in hands of individuals


When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution, they were very concerned about religious freedom. That's why they made sure that the First Amendment left no doubt that our government was to keep its hands off religion.

Reserve spot for holiday jazz concert

Pete Pancrazi was named by "Downbeat Magazine" as "the one to watch," and a guitar player "deserving greater attention." "AzJazz Magazine" named him "Jazz Guitar Player of the Year."

Computer problems put column on hold


Time has gone so quickly this past month, that I have missed creating a column for two weeks. I apologize to my readers, but there were many reasons for this. One reason was that my computer crashed.

Community getting ready for Christmas


Thanksgiving is behind us, so preparations for Christmas are well under way.

Local business needs donations of toys

First American Cash Advance, Check Advance and Purpose Financial are a 2005-2006 National Sponsor for the U.S. Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.

Make sure your pet is good holiday company


It's that time again when we wish we would have worked harder to improve our dog's behavior so he will not embarrass us during the holiday celebrations just ahead. It is not too late, but consistency and persistence are essential. Start today.

Rabid fox found in Rose Creek vicinity

Friday, Nov. 25, several individuals were attacked by a gray fox in the Rose Creek area, off Highway 288 between Globe and Young.

Middle school medal winners going to finals

The Rim Country Middle School Maverick wrestling team will take eight medal-winning grapplers to the White Mountain League finals Dec. 10 in Show Low.

Tips for improving winter bass fishing


Last week we discussed using your graph to locate those winter bass on Arizona desert lakes. A key question of interest would be, is there submerged structure where bass can ambush those schools of shad as they swim by? If you can find these three key factors all lining up in the same area you have a spot which is a must to fish. With the lake level of Roosevelt at a high mark, numerous structure points like these exist.

Youngsters invited to showcase hoop skills

The annual Elks Hoop Shoot, Dec. 3 in the Tonto Apache Reservation gymnasium, will provide Rim country hardwood hopefuls a stage to showcase their shooting skills.

Youngster gets rare chance at hunt

Michelle Goodman never hesitated signing over her much-coveted Kaibab deer hunt tag to her 11-year-old son Gunner.