There Could Have Been Friendship



I think that if Grant Kuenzli and Harold Fish had met they could have become friends. Unfortunately the dogs met Mr. Fish first.

Mr. Fish became concerned for his safety and fired two shots into the ground and the dogs disbursed. I think Mr. Kuenzli, believing his dogs had been shot, "snapped."

I believe Mr. Fish was left with two choices -- run the risk of having his head bashed in with one of the many rocks in the area, or stopping Mr. Kuenzli.

I do not believe that Harold Fish is a homicidal maniac who went out that day "looking for someone to kill." Neither do I believe that Grant Kuenzli was a saint who could resist the temptation to seek revenge on one he believed had shot his dogs.

I certainly do not believe there is anything to be gained by having NBC add their agenda and biases to the case.

Hollis Lilley, Payson

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