Water Wars



Bill Kollenborn has used a lot of words to express himself on the water issue in Tuesday's Roundup. I will try to use fewer.

In order for Randall-Haught to "transfer" water to Payson, the catch is that they have to produce it first. Intent does not count. What is in the ground is "first-come, first-served."

The folks in Star Valley should consider drilling three or four wells around and as close to the Randall-Haught well as possible. They should then consider installing some really high-capacity pumps. Next, they should consider announcing a new development, "Star Valley Lakes." Need more be said?

A bit, maybe: The building lots will pay for the wells and the Town of SV will get some revenue from the sale of water to those lots. The Town of SV can also produce some additional water and sell it to Payson, only if they wish and only for as long as they wish.

Water wars can get nasty. That is why the initiator of strong-arm methods should think twice: he/she is destined to lose.

Allen N Wollscheidt, Payson

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