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Q: I heard on a Flagstaff radio station that a horse is required to eat a certain kind of hay if it is going to be ridden in the national forests. Is that true?

A: "No," said Bill Barcus, a range technician for the Payson Ranger District. "There are forests in the United States that do require that, but not in Arizona. They are referring to certified weed-free hay or certified weed-free horse pellets or horse feed."

Arizona does have a noxious weed problem and so weed-free feed is recommended, but to Barcus' knowledge there are no plans to initiate that requirement in the state. He said he thought the radio station might have been referring to "national wilderness areas" which are primitive areas where one can only go in by horseback or on foot. Many of those do require the special feed.

Q: Why doesn't Wal-Mart clean all the garbage around the recycling bins and along the slopes? For a company that makes billions of dollars, surely they can hire a crew to keep their parking lots and surrounding areas clean.

A: Assistant Wal-Mart Manager Rick Popke said, "We have extended our courtesy to the town to put that recycling bin (in the Wal-Mart parking lot) and it is maintained by the town. Any concerns or issues with that should be directed to the town, and there is a big billboard on (the bin) telling what the recycling center is there for and any concerns or issues should be directed to the Payson Water Department at 474-5242, ext. 380."

According to town Public Works Director Buzz Walker, if Wal-Mart notices a problem, they call the town and it is taken care of. If Waste Management, the company that empties the bins, sees a problem, they clean it up.

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