Youngster Gets Rare Chance At Hunt


Michelle Goodman never hesitated signing over her much-coveted Kaibab deer hunt tag to her 11-year-old son Gunner.

"That's my baby -- he should have the chance," she said.


After receiving a deer tag as a gift from his mom, Gunner Goodman -- a Payson Elementary School fifth-grader -- downed a 6x4 buck with one shot from 225 yards away.

Gunner's father, Ty, a licensed guide and outfitter knows how rare such a tag is.

"You can go 20 years, maybe a lifetime, and never get one," he said. "It's a hard tag to draw."

After receiving the tag from his mom, the youngster -- a Payson Elementary School fifth-grader -- made sure it was put to good use, downing a 6x4 buck with one shot from 225 yards away.

"We were hunting in the lower part of the (Kaibab) country where my dad has hunted with his dad," Ty said.

Along on the hunt were five members of the Goodman family, including Gunner's grandparents, Ken and Dejo.

While glassing the Kaibab landscape, the hunters spotted three does darting from behind a clump of trees.

"Then the buck came out chasing them," Ty said. "So, Gunner began a stalk while Michelle glassed."

When Gunner got to within about 225 yards of the buck, it was time for a shot attempt from the youngster's .243 caliber rifle.

"We've been practicing and he's deadly up to about 400 yards, so I knew Gunner could get him," Ty said. "I told him to put the bipod down and take a deep breath."

After a single shot, the buck ran about 75 yards before collapsing.

"Gunner is really happy. It's a buck hardly any hunter, no matter his age, would pass up," Ty said.

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