Give Your Smile, It's Free



Here is a thought for pre-Christmas. Have you ever wondered why you feel bad after you have returned from a store? You tell your spouse, "I've been shopping, found everything I needed, I should feel good, but I don't."

I have found over the years that it is never the day that is bad, nor the stores I shop at. It is always the people who serve me who make the difference. A smile makes me feel accepted, whether I am shopping or just walking down the street.

It all stems from my childhood. My parents would smile at me when they approved of what I was doing, they would frown when they disapproved. Sometimes, they simply ignored me, and this was most confusing. Somewhere in my subconscious mind, I equated a smile with approval, a frown with disapproval, and was unsure of myself when I was ignored.

So, at this hectic time of the year, I urge everyone to smile, hard as it might be. It will help everyone feel connected, and help us all to feel accepted.

Guadalupe Sandoval-Pratt, Star Valley

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