Response To Nall Letter



Lyn requested I reveal what I see in my crystal ball. I must admit I don't have a crystal ball. What I have is a passion to defend Grant Kuenzli, because he cannot defend himself.

Although I have never been a member of law enforcement, I have participated in the investigation of numerous frauds, burglaries, arson and insurance claims. I have to my credit the arrest and conviction of more than 50 criminals.

I dislike, bringing my personal beliefs to this incident, however, I firmly believe God has commissioned me to defend Grant Kuenzli, just as He has called upon me in the past on three separate occasions.

The first is when I observed smoke coming out or a crack in an apartment house window. Knowing what was happening, I called the fire department and alerted more than eight other tenants to evacuate. When the firefighters arrived and opened the door, the apartment became totally involved. The cause was a woman's attempted suicide, she had poured gasoline on all her cloths in a closet, ignited them climbed into bed and intended to die. The firemen saved her.

In another incident, I was called to revive an 18-month-old girl who had drowned. I administered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (I had no training in) and was successful in reviving the child. I have visited that girl, who is now in her twenties, beautiful and happy to be alive.

Last but not least, I witnessed a Jeep accident 25 miles east of Bullhead City, in rough terrain, temperatures in excess of 120 degrees. The Jeep had rolled over several times ejecting two men and causing numerous life-threatening injuries. Both men had broken backs, multiple broken bones, one had broken ribs, punctured lungs and his ear torn off. The other man was walking around in shock, with a fountain of blood pouring from the top of his head. I was able to find the ear, put it on ice and it was later reattached.

For more than three hours, I comforted and treated their injuries, stabilized them, climbed to the top of the ravine and was able to attract the attention of RV campers, who called Bullhead City on their shortwave radios. Both victims survived.

Space does not allow me to elaborate further. I would like to have someone help me build a Web site where I can go into greater detail in my investigation of Grant's death.

John J. McCauley, Payson

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