New Murder Trial Results From Overturned Plea


Kevan Kuhlman, convicted of murder in October 2003, is back in court. The case is being retried after Superior Court Judge Robert Duber, in late 2004, overturned the 41-year-old's 2003 second-degree murder plea agreement.

Kuhlman, condemned for the 2001 killing of Susan Birchak, with whom he lived, petitioned the court, claiming he misunderstood the parameters of his conviction, which stated that he serve every day of his 20-year prison term.

Meanwhile, Kuhlman believed the 16 months he spent incarcerated before his conviction would count toward his sentence. However, it did not.

The county attorney's office declined to comment concerning the details of Kuhlman's first-degree murder retrial, but did confirm that the jury was selected Tuesday, and testimony began Wednesday.

Details of the trial will appear in Tuesday's Roundup, written by court reporter Betsy Quinn.

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