Not Voting Was Not Refusing To Vote



When will he get it right?

In the Tuesday, Dec. 6, Roundup, Jim Keyworth reported a statement for about the fourth time, regarding the special Town Council meeting when attorney Tom Irvine advised the council the referendum could not be held. Jim reported, "The town council then accepted (without taking a vote) the legal advice of Tom Irvine." This statement could lead someone who did not attend that meeting to wonder, did the council refuse to vote? The true fact is, after Tom Irvine had completed his statements, Mayor Barbara Brewer asked town attorney Sam Streichman for advice as to, "What should we do?" His answer was "nothing." Furthermore, Irvine interjected: "You can't vote on it." At that point, the mayor had no alternative other than to adjourn the meeting. I wonder, if Jim Keyworth was a councilman, receiving advice from an attorney not to act on an issue, would he go against that advice, exposing the citizens of Payson, as well as himself, to litigation. The mayor, and the council, take an oath to uphold the law when they take office, not go against it.

It is very evident that Jim Keyworth is giving Bob Edwards a tremendous amount of exposure in his news reports, including photos. Will the Roundup give equal time to all candidates running for office? If not, then he should take out papers to become a Political Action Committee. It would also be prudent for Jim to report all of the facts, not just those he can twist to meet what he is trying to create as news. Creativity belongs on the editorial page, not in reporting a news event.

Gordon Metcalf, Payson

Editor's note: Town officials asked the Roundup to note that the council accepted Irvine's advice "without taking a vote" so that readers will not be misled into thinking the council voted to turn down the referendum. And the Roundup is going to provide extensive and equal coverage of the positions of all the candidates in a series of articles beginning Tuesday, culminating in a side-by-side comparison of their stances on specific issues.

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