Shift In Burden Of Proof



To Mr. Dave Engleman's and Mr. John J. McCauley's letters (to the editor), I am very sorry for the loss of your friend Grant Kuenzli.

There is something that has escaped consideration in all of the discussions of the Fish/Kuenzli shooting incident, so far.

You have continuously brought up issues of disparities of force, Second Amendment Rights, uses of lethal force, hollow-point ammunition, evidence tampering, etc. You either are spreading misinformation to support our personal hatreds, or you honestly do not understand what you challenge.

Many people, like myself, have had these same issues and have taken the CCW classes, even though we would very rarely, or never, have intentions to carry a gun. You find police officers and their family members, and many other fine people, in the CCW classes, like the ones taught by Mr. Hank Marquardt. If it's truly the case that you have honest misunderstandings about these issues, then I recommend that you invest the small amount of time and money to take a good CCW class or two.

Previously, our government would have had to prove to a jury, beyond reasonable doubt, that Mr. Fish was guilty of the charges against him. Now it seems that it is Mr. Fish who must prove that the shooting was legally justified, to avoid being convicted of these charges. Such a shift of the burden of proof is a great danger to gun-haters and to more open-minded citizens alike.

I will thank you to please fully consider this entire letter and temper your thinking accordingly. Again, I am truly sorry for the loss of your friend.

Jaime Berry, Payson

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